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The owner of UrbanLUX Builders, Patrick Hamann, understands quality is of the utmost importance. Each UrbanLUX custom home not only undergoes a rigorous inspection process, but every home is inspected by the President prior to closing. With management working this closely with the customer, UrbanLUX has the ability to customize each home to the customer’s desires in each and every way.

If you wish to participate in a unique home building experience, where you will be truly satisfied, please contact a sales representative for more information today in order to start building your custom home.

Why Choose UrbanLUX
The customer should always be treated with respect and receive quality service.

Our goal from the beginning was to design homes that first and foremost enhance the customer’s lifestyle at a price that fits their budget. The first thing a customer will notice when they see a UrbanLUX home is that they all have character that exemplifies the individual’s tastes.

Our plans all have offsets and varying roof lines on the front and rear of the home, unlike many other homes in the same price range. Our quality and energy-efficient homes will speak for themselves.

"My dream home!"

Patrick is truly dedicated to delivering a dream home! His passion for building is evident by his readiness to customize plans and create a home that's exactly what the buyer envisions. He has gone above and beyond to provide great customer service. It's a pleasure to get to work with him. Thank you, Patrick! May you be blessed abundantly.

Lily - Boerne