10 Different Cabinet Styles for Your Custom Home

10 Different Cabinets for Your Kitchen

Hello and welcome back! In the first part of this series, we discussed some of the different types of kitchen cabinets. In part one, we described the differences between cabinet styles and which homes they are better suited for. In this blog, we will continue with much of the same, finishing up our list of the 10 different cabinet styles available to you for your kitchen.

Why Are Kitchen Cabinets Important?

UrbanLux Home Builders of San Antonio is dedicated to helping you build the home of your dreams. Part of the benefit of custom home building is that you, the owner, get to call the shots; your home is built to your needs. Because of this, you get to choose what your home will look like and what features your home will have. This also means that you have to make some pretty big decisions. Choosing kitchen cabinetry can be daunting, especially because there are so many choices to choose from. Luckily, the experts at UrbanLux Builders have decided to compile the 10 different styles of cabinets for you. This way, you can receive the information you need to make an informed decision about your kitchen cabinets.

When we left off, we were discussing the features of rustic wood cabinets. Next up, contemporary style!

Contemporary Style

If you enjoy contemporary style, you could enjoy contemporary-style cabinets. For these types of cabinets, all details are minimal and all surfaces are flat and rectangular. Contemporary style embraces simplicity and functionality. Because of this, most contemporary kitchens are very simple in design, have large cabinet sizes, but do no feature any horizontal storage spaces. Many people who have small kitchens tend to choose this style because contemporary cabinets optimize storage space very nicely.


Though the name doesn’t sound very attractive, these types of kitchen cabinets can be very beautiful when fully constructed. For slab cabinets, they feature flat-panel design and are low-maintenance, especially compared to other cabinet styles. Slab and contemporary cabinet styles will typically go hand-in-hand, as both feature simple design and geometric shapes. However, for slab cabinets, the hues of the cabinets will be darker and feature white accenting, such as cabinet colors, trimming, etc. Slab styles use cold-color tones, rather than warmer-color design, like contemporary cabinets. To learn about cold-warm color tones, read our blog.

Country Style

Country style cabinets give off a cozy, timeless look. With these types of cabinets, you can choose from many different types of cabinet materials. This style uses designs such as raised-panels, bead-boarded, and include other decorations. Wood is a popular material to use for this style, however, you can choose to paint the cabinets with any color you would like.


Craftsman style embraces overly-decorative themes and favors wooden cabinet design. This style of cabinet focuses on the material of the wood and the intricate design of the cabinet handles. Any design that requires craftsmanship is incorporated for this style of design. For example, in craftsman kitchens, owners will incorporate tile countertops, tile backsplashes, intricate designs, and wooden cabinets, which all showcase the talent of craftsman and handiwork.


Glass-front cabinets are exactly as their name suggests — they have glass in the front of them. For most cabinets, there are four distinct solid sides. With glass-front cabinets, the front door can be made with glass to showcase the contents of the cabinet. This style of cabinet is unique and offer a fresh new take on kitchen design.
Typically, when you have glass-front cabinets, you can choose to present the contents of the cabinet in unique ways. For example, you can present colorful plates and cups, or even show off your high-quality glass kitchenware.


What separates louvered cabinet styles from other styles is that they are great for ventilation. Part of the issue with some types of cabinetry is that they rarely allow free airflow. This means, that is there is any moisture in your cabinets, mold is likely to grow. Even though louvered cabinets have open slits that allow airflow, this does not mean they are exempt from mold issues, however, the risk is reduced. You can choose to incorporate louvered cabinets in any kitchen you wish, the cabinet style works well in warm and cold-toned kitchens.

Open Shelving

Open shelving is a trending style featured in kitchens that many couples are adopting for their homes. This open shelving design isn’t necessarily a cabinet-design, as much as it is a kitchen design. If you have a large kitchen but limited amounts of wall space, open shelving styles can help organize your kitchen and optimize your space.

UrbanLux Home Builders

At UrbanLux Home Builders, we are dedicated to building our customers homes that they can be proud to call their own. Since your kitchen is such a central room to your home, it only makes sense to get the best possible builder. With our professional staff, we can help design a kitchen that showcases all of the design elements you wish to have. If you are interested in a custom kitchen for your home, contact UrbanLux today!

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