Helpful Tips For Choosing An Exterior Paint Color

If you have followed our blog for a while now, you are more than likely well aware of how many decisions come with building a custom home. From choosing the property location, hiring a professional company that specializes in custom home building, and other vital choices about a custom home, there are plenty of ways to become overwhelmed with the custom home building process. Fortunately, by working with an area’s best home builders, not only is the process simplified, but it also enables the buyers to start thinking about and focusing other decisions regarding their newly built custom home, like furnishing, designing and decorating the rooms and areas within. Among all the decision involved with building a new custom home, choosing the paint color for a home’s interior and exterior definitely requires some thought and consideration. Although it may not be as stressful as choosing the right colors for a home’s interior, choosing exterior paint colors for a home can certainly be nerve-wracking.

There’s not another area of a home that requires as much paint or that makes as big of an impact as the exterior of a home. The color homeowners choose for their house has a significant impact on its appearance. Using the right exterior paint color, homeowners can create a naturally beautiful look for their home. However, choosing the wrong exterior paint colors can quickly cause the exterior of a home to be an eyesore for drivers that pass.

When it comes to painting a home’s exterior, while there are thousands of exterior colors that are available to choose from, there is no need to get overwhelmed or stressed. So the real question is, what are the necessary steps to choose a color that is right for the outside of a home?. Luckily, we put together a few tips that will help buyers have better success at choosing a home exterior color that they will appreciate. And, even if you aren’t purchasing a custom built home or an existing pre-built home, these tips can help homeowners everywhere, as one of the easiest ways to improve a home’s curb appeal is by changing or upgrading the exterior paint color. Regardless of where you are in the homebuying process, these tips can be helpful when choosing the best exterior paint color for your home.

The importance of an exterior paint color

Before we start getting into the tips that help with choosing an exterior paint color, we figured we would first go over why the selection of the color is an essential decision. While there are many ways to liven up a home during a home build, remodel, or redesign, and painting the exterior of a home is one of them. Unlike investing in large, modern, and stylish furniture to revitalize a home, paint is relatively inexpensive and can be changed. Finding the right paint color is a serious matter. To start, selecting a color you love the first time will not only save you tons of time, but money as well. According to many realtors, paint is believed to be one of the most economical upgrades that can be made to preserve such a large investment, like a custom home, and is an efficient and effective way to enhance the curb appeal of a home, which can be profitable when homeowners decide it’s time to sell.

Tip #1: Consider the setting

When selecting a home exterior paint color, many homeowners forget to take into account that the surroundings can affect color selections more than they think. For example, when a home is placed in a lot covered with trees and wooded areas, a dark-colored exterior with deep shades can blend and intensify a landscape. On the other hand, using the same dark color on the exterior of a home in an open space, the color will often cause the space to look smaller than it actually is. Homeowners who choose white or neutral-based colors will have better success at creating a more substantial setting. It is important to be mindful of shrubbery, ornamental trees, and other plants that surround the foundation. For instance, even when flowering varieties don’t bloom all season, a home with bright and contrasting exterior colors will make them look odd and out of place, throwing off the exterior’s aesthetics. While it may be harder to visualize the surroundings when having a custom home built, a good way to identify a setting is by looking at the neighboring homes in the community. While your home should be unique and reflect your personality, home buyers should avoid choosing a home exterior color that will clash with neighboring homes in the community. There also may be HOA rules that limit the color choice options in your neighborhood, so be sure to stay within those guidelines.

Tip #2: Examine your home’s style and features

If homeowners hire a team of home builders to build a custom house, once the home is complete they can begin thinking about the color of their home exterior. Depending on the style of the custom home, the color of the exterior should complement the feel of the home. Different architectural details, like porches, gables, or windows create opportunities to use color to create a sharp and appealing statement. Plus, custom homes will have certain colors that will not change unless replaced, like shingles, trim, gutters, and other exterior accents like a stone or brick wall. Many of these elements can offer cues that will make color selection simplified.

Additional outdoor home features, like a patio, driveway, shed, or walkway can influence the overall look as well. Choosing paint colors that complement these elements will help create a crisp and polished look to a custom home’s exterior and outdoor plan.

We hope these first two tips are enough to get homeowners started when it comes to selecting an exterior paint color for their new home. Be on the lookout for our next blog as we go over a few more additional tips for picking the right exterior color. However, for home buyers considering color options for their new, custom-built home’s exterior, there are many other decisions that need to be made beforehand, like hiring a home construction company to build your home, choosing a custom home property, setting a budget, and so much more.

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