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7 Different Extra Room Ideas

Every person has their own unique hobbies they love. Some people are artistic while others are more athletic. Your home should be a reflection of who you are as a person, as well as what you enjoy to do. When you hire custom home builders, you have a say in what types of rooms you will have in your home. Better still, with a custom home, you have control over the entire layout of your house. So, if you would like your home to be modeled after you and your hobbies, custom home building is the way to go.
If you are thinking of building your own custom home, but are trying to decide what to construct in your home, this blog comes up with a list of ideas. We will discuss different ideas for “odd rooms” to build into your home that could make your home more valuable to you and eventual buyers.

Workout Room

Workout rooms are very common in custom homes. Having a private workout room can be a great motivator to stay fit and healthy. But how? Most people decide against going to the gym because it is generally far from their home and in public. If you live in a part of the country that is prone to cold, even snowy weather, you are less likely to work out in the winter season. But, with a private workout room, you are able to workout whenever you please, in any season. Better still, a private workout room means you have the whole area to yourself. This can be a huge plus for anyone that gets anxious in public gyms. This “gymtimidation” often comes from being eyed over by buff people working out. Most gym users can feel judged or even objectified when they are at public gym. With a private, at-home gym, you don’t have to deal with “gym rats”, dirty equipment, or obnoxious public radio. Instead, you can work out your way, at your own pace.

Art Studio

For artistic people, it is difficult to find a space just for your artwork. Often times, homes can become too crowded with other people, which can sometimes be threatening to your work. For painters, sculptors, and pottery enthusiasts, having a studio to work quietly by yourself is extremely valuable. Having an area strictly dedicated to your work will not only give you a calming space, but a safe location to store your work. In homes without a studio, your work may be out in the open, which can make it susceptible to breaking or disrupting. Some artists without a proper studio area will often use their garages as private studios. However, most garages aren’t heated or air conditioned, so you are often at the mercy of mother nature in terms of indoor temperatures. Also, garage studios can be dangerous because rodents and bugs can easily slip inside and disturb your pieces of art. The best option is to build your own studio in your home, where your work is safe and you can comfortably work.

Man Cave

The infamous “Man Cave” room is still widely popular and utilized in custom homes. Though a familiar punch line, a man cave (or a woman cave) can be very useful in a home. For instance, having a room to get away form the stress of everyday life can be valuable. With a “Cave Room”, you can turn away from your stresses and have a room designated as your “relaxation room.” A man/woman cave can have anything in it, such as an extra tv, a massage chair, a mini bar, or even games.


If you’re a serious gamer, than your home should have a designated arcade room. In your arcade room, you can stock any kind of game you would like. For example, if you are “old school”, you can fill the room with electronic arcade games, pinball, foosball, or even air hockey games! When it comes to arcade rooms, you can make the room what you want and play what you want. One way to make your arcade room even more nostalgic is by decorating the room just like an old arcade, such as putting movie posters and neon signs on the walls.

Video Game Room

If you are into more modern gaming, you can install a large television set and stereo system in a designated gaming room. In this room you can set up a gamer’s oasis with a mini fridge, a large flat-screen, and storage units for all your remote controls and consoles. A gaming room in your custom home would allow you to have complete privacy, while also allowing the other people in your house some peace and quiet.

Classy Bar or Tavern

If you enjoy hosting parties, your home would not be complete without your own bar. When you construct your own bar, you have complete control of what kind of bar aesthetic you would want. For example, if you want a saloon style bar, you can decorate the entire room with a western theme. However, if you would like a more classy, modern day bar, you can construct the bar with nicely-colored wood and high-quality drinking glasses. No matter your tastes, a private bar room would elevate your home and give you a superb place for entertaining guests.

Kid’s Play Room

If you have children, you may be familiar with toys all over your house. Most of the reason for this is kids rarely have a playroom all to themselves. So, instead of having a specific area to play, they choose to play all over your house and leave it a mess. In your custom home, you can choose to construct a designated playroom just for your children. Not only will you be giving them their own space to use their imaginations and creativity, but you will be able to keep the rest of your home orderly.

Computer Room

Computer rooms are great for many reasons. Specifically, computer rooms are great if you are a graduate student or do your work from home. Many times, working on a laptop on your couch or bed can strain your neck, and cause many back alignment issues. Having an office space to complete work will give you a quiet space to be productive. And, when you aren’t working, a computer room can be a great space to work on video editing equipment or casual internet browsing.

Spa Room

A spa room is an excellent idea to put into your custom home. Having a relaxing paradise to come home to will help you detox from your work day and find a sense of serenity. Spa rooms can range in a manner of different specialties. For example, you would install a steam room or even a hot tub in your home. If by chance, you don’t want a steam room in your home, you could always install a massage chair or mediation room.

Home Movie Theater

Any movie buff’s home is not complete without a home movie theater. If you are planning to build a custom home, a movie theater room will significantly improve your home’s value. Not just that, but your movie theater room will be the best place to catch up on films, tv, news, and sports. If you want to stay up to date with current event, yet still have a room for five-star entertainment value, a home theater room is perfect for you!

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