How a Custom Home Can Be Good for Your Pet

How Custom Homes Are Good for Your Pet

Every dog lover and owner wonders if they are doing enough to benefit their pet. For instance, jobs, kids, and life in general can get in the way of giving your pet the attention it deserves. In many instances, you want to give your pets, such as your dog, a wonderful area to play on and an area of your home that is just theirs.

When you buy a market home, you get what you get.

You typically won’t have the money to spend on intense remodeling or even constructing proper play areas for your pet. You might be able to spend some money on re-fencing for your dog, but not much else. In fact, you might be so stressed out about your new home and unpacking, that you might not pay much attention to your pet at all. This can be stressing to your dog, as they may not be used to not having as much attention.

In this blog, we will give you some of the main reasons custom homes are actually a benefit for your pet dog. With a custom home build, you get to decide where your whole family will live next and what amenities you all will live with.

Fencing Options

Moving can be stressful for a dog, especially when they don’t understand what is going on. When you leave after a move, your dog can assume that they are lost and need to get back home. Though this sounds like the plot of Homeward Bound, it is true that pets will remember their previous homes and assume they need to get home as quickly as possible. If you buy a home on the market, it is possible that the fencing is not secure or even has holes in the fence from the previous dogs who lived there. If your dog is an escape artist, it is easy to assume that a new home won’t change their behavior.
With a custom home, you can coordinate with your builder where you want the fencing constructed on your property and what the fence will look like. For instance, if you have a high-jumping dog, you will want a fence that will keep them from trying to jump. This is not only necessary to keep your dog on your property, but to keep them safe. When your dog makes a break for it, that is when they can become seriously hurt. For instance, they can hurt themselves jumping on the fence or accidentally being hit by a car.

Doggy-Door Design

Most often with market homes, you will have to build a doggy door yourself or rely on your dog to signal when they have to be let out. If you are gone for many hours in the day, it can be hard for your pet to “hold it” all day. This, of course, lead to messes in the house, which are never fun to smell or clean up.
Of course, you could train your pet to stay at home and wait to be let out, but that requires weeks of training and devotion. One of the easiest ways to ensure that your dog won’t make a mess in the house is by having your custom home feature a custom doggy door. By having a designed doggy door, you can ensure that the opening will be large enough for your pet and allow them to freely move from inside of your house to the outdoors.
Most often, dog doors come in a small range of sizes. However, with a custom home build, you can ensure that they get a doggy door they can fit comfortably in that will allow them free mobility. And, to ensure that no other critters get inside your house, you have to have a doggy-door that fully closes. This will keep possums and raccoons far away from the inside of your house.

Indoor and Outdoor Play Areas

One of the greatest benefits of a custom home is your ability to give your dog the play area they’ve always wanted. With many market homes, you won’t be able to have the room that you need to construct a great play area for your pet. A custom home build will allow you to optimize your yard in order to ensure your pet has the best play area in town!
Having a great play area for your pet is essential. With plenty of area to play on, they can receive the right amount of exercise. And, because they will be occupied with their toys and play area, they won’t feel the need to run away while you are busy unpacking.

UrbanLux Builders

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