Improving the Lighting of Your Custom Home

Improving the Lighting in Your Home

Lighting in your home is much more than just a decorative element. How you light up your home can play a huge role in your mood, as well as the illusion of your home. For instance, different types of lighting offer alternate ranges of illumination and illusion. More light will make a room appear bigger; whereas, less light will have the reverse effect. When it comes to custom homes, lighting is essential. You always want to look for a home that has plenty of natural light and is facing the right way towards the sun. In this blog, we will discuss how lighting from natural sources and man-made light bulbs can help the overall look of your home, as well as help with your health and mood.

Natural Light

Natural light is the best kind of light, mostly because it is the most affordable source of light — free! Because the sun offers premium light for zero cost, it makes sense to want to have as much natural light as possible. Having your home face the east will ensure that your home gets the most light when the sun rises, as well as when it sets. Natural light also makes any space look a lot bigger than it actually is. Also, midday sunlight gives your home a cooler, more tranquil hue, which can make you feel more peaceful. It is when your home is dimly lit that problems can occur.

LED Light Bulbs

LED light bulbs are a great, energy efficient way to gain light in your home. For one, LED bulbs are better for the environment and better for your energy bill. Other forms of bulbs burn to hot and overuse energy. However, with LED lights, there is more variation in terms of the quality of light. For instance, different bulbs will omit a different shade of light. Orange-tinted lights are very common and are the most detrimental to your living space. Orange hues will make your living space look smaller and dirtier. Not to mention, poorly-lit homes are harder on your eyes. Because your eyes have to work harder to see, the bulbs you install in your home can be a huge problem. If you are squinting in your home, this is a sure sign that you need to find another lighting solution. Squinting is not only terrible for your eyesight, but for your face as well. You are much more likely to develop wrinkles if you are constantly squinting in order to see object in your house.

Directional Lighting

Lighting can be more than just color management; it also can be great for boosting the aesthetic of your home. For instance, lighting can be use to direct guests to view important features of your home. Lighting can be used underneath cabinets to accent kitchen backsplashes and even to display pieces of art on your living room walls. Lighting is an ideal way to help direct guests to look at certain items in your house and to gain more light in your living space.

Utilize Space

Lighting can be tricky, especially if you are relying on physical lamps for your light. For one, lamps don’t always offer the best quality of light or the highest quantity. Lamps, specifically standing lamps, take a lot of electricity to work and don’t offer too much light for your space. Though they are wonderful sources of light in restricted areas, such as a reading chair, they aren’t desirable sources of light for an entire room. If you use just a lamp to light up your whole living room, you are at a much higher risk of not having enough light in your home.
Lamp lights do not offer enough light, and they often require quite a bit of room in order to set up. For example, if you buy a large standing lamp, you are forced to not only transport the light from the store to your home, but you have to set it up at your home as well. In many homes, space is a precious feature that should not be wasted. Open space in your home makes your living space look cleaner and more open. Having more space in your home also gives you a feeling of freedom and tranquility. Only when you feel cramped will feelings of stress threaten to haunt you. If your home is filled with lamps, you aren’t utilizing your home’s space to the fullest. Installing LED lights into the walls or under cabinets is one of the best way to utilize space, while still getting the light you need.

UrbanLux Builders of San Antonio

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