All the Ways NOT to Clean Your Custom Home Floors

Floor Cleaning For Your Custom Home

When you neglect to clean your floors, you may have some serious ramifications. For instance, your floors can get sticky, dirty, and small pieces of dirt can stick to the bottoms of your feet. Although having dirty floors can be disgusting, cleaning your floors in the wrong way can be more disastrous. How? Well, if you use the wrong cleaning solution for your floors, it could permanently ruin them and need to be replaced. Though dirty floors are bad in there own way, so is having to pay hundreds of dollars to redo your floors.
In this blog, we will tell you all the ways NOT to clean your floors. This will hopefully keep you from making these mistakes and keep the floors of your custom home looking nice, as well as clean, for as long as possible.

Vinegar Cleaning Solution

Some have been told that vinegar cleaning solutions are good for your floors. This could not be more wrong! Vinegar not only smells gross, but if your floors make any contact with direct sunlight, the stench can be magnified. Secondly, vinegar cleaning solutions are terrible for the finishes of your floors. Overtime, the vinegar will erode the finishes off of your flooring and cause permanent damage.
Aside from being bad for your floors, vinegar isn’t that great of cleaning solution. For example, vinegar won’t be able to dissolve certain things that get on your floor. For example, anything oil-based, such as salad dressings won’t be cleaned by the vinegar solution. So, vinegar cleaning solutions smell bad, don’t clean that well, and eventually cause damage to your floor — don’t use them!

Lots of Water

Though you might think that water would be the ideal cleaning solution, this is false. More water can actually be twice as bad as harsh chemical products. Why? Well, since your floors are made out of wood or some other erodible material, the water actually breaks down the materials.
When you apply copious amounts of water to the floors of your house, you are allowing the wood of your floors to absorb all of that water. When wood absorbs water, it expands, causing it to fracture and swell. This cleaning can be absolutely disastrous for your wooden floors, especially because they are expensive to replace.

Oil-Based Soaps

Oil-based soaps can be bad for your floors because they are difficult to take off your floors once it is applied. Many oil-based soaps will leave behind a sticky residue. This can be bad for your floors, no matter the material, because it will attract bits of dirt and dust. So, you will end up with sticky, dirty floors, and more work in order to clean up your mess.
Not only do oil-based soaps make a huge mess, but they also diminish the overall look of your floors. For instance, overtime, the soap will dull the color of your floors.


Your first mistake is assuming that a vacuum will fully clean your floors. For instance, vacuums are really only useful for cleaning up individual pieces of dust and dirt. Say, you drop something sticky on your floors, your vacuum is useless to clean up that particular type of mess. Unfortunately, if you do use vacuum, you will need to use another cleaning method after it to fully clean your floors.
Not only are vacuums relatively useless when it comes to cleaning your floors, but they can also cause long-lasting damage to your floors. When you vacuum, you are most likely dragging your equipment over your floors to reach all of the crevices of your home. When you do this, however, you can easily scratch up your floors and cause permanent damage.

Ammonia Cleaning Solutions

Ammonia cleaning solutions can be dangerous for your floors. Why? Well, as a basic (pH 11) level solution it can easily damage your floors and drain the color out of the wood material. If you want to keep the integrity of your wood floors, staying away from basic solutions is a good idea.

Wax Cleaner

Wax cleaners can be daunting, so taking on this type of cleaning is pretty brave. If you want to keep up the look of your wood floor, using wax cleaners isn’t the right choice for you. Wax cleaners can be bad for your floors because they can tarnish the urethane finishes on your floors. If you use wax cleaners, you need to be careful how much you are using and how often you are using it. If you are incorrectly using your wax cleaners you could cause discolorations to the wood of your floors and cause permanent damage.

Acidic Cleaners

Acidic cleaners need to be steered clear of at all costs. Cleaners, such as pine sol, or other highly acidic cleaners are terrible for your floors. For one, the acid from the solution can cause discolorations, dull the color of your floors, and even disrupt the adhesive under the floorboards.

HOW to clean your floors the CORRECT Way

You should use hardwood cleaner for your floors. If you want to keep your floors looking nice and clean for as long as possible, purchasing hardwood cleaner from a flooring company is the best solution. These solutions are made to be gentle for your wood flooring, while also working well to clean off any grime or dirt that has collected on your floors.
And, since wood cleaners are specialized to clean wood, you won’t be at risk of causing long-lasting damage to your floors.

UrbanLux Builders

At UrbanLux Home Builders, we are happy to build you the home of your dreams. However, though we can build you the home you have always wanted, we also want you to keep the home you have always wanted. This means that we can offer you advice to keep your custom home’s floors looking healthy and clean for as long as possible. After all, nothing is worse than having your home built and making one cleaning mistake that can cause permanent damage. Contact UrbanLux Builders today if you are interested in building your own custom home today.

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