Baby Proofing Your Custom Home Part 1

Baby Proofing 101

Congratulations! You must have a little rugrat nearby or on the way. Well, never fear! UrbanLux Builders is here to give you some pointers on how to keep your home safe. As a fine homebuilding company, we are very familiar with constructing safe and reliable homes. However, though we can build your home for you, there are certain things we cannot plan for. In this blog, we will discuss baby proofing tips that can help make your home a safer place.
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Proofing Your Home

Toddlers and babies can be mischievous. Once they learn to crawl, they will want to explore. You only need to worry about your child being on the move until they are about eight months. At eight months old, your child can learn to crawl, and after that — the chase is on!
As a parent, you will realize that you will always be tired and your head will always be on a permanent swivel. Children can crawl or walk into disastrous situations if you are not careful. One of the best things you can do for your baby is proof your home and clear any problematic items before they can crawl.

For the sake of organization, we will separate each room of your house and discuss how to proof them individually:

Your Closets

If you have an overstuffed closet, or one that threatens avalanching down on you, it is time to clean it out. Once a baby can reach a door handle, they will be susceptible to the monstrous state of your closet. You never want to have your child open your closet, only to be crushed by all of the objects you have inside of it. Before your child is born, it is very wise to reduce your clutter or move certain items to a locked safe or room. One of the best examples of this is a gun. A gun should be nowhere near your child. Instead of putting your baby at risk, make sure all hunting equipment is locked and stored somewhere completely out of your child’s reach.


Your kitchen houses some of the most poisonous and dangerous items in your house. Unfortunately, most parents don’t assume that some of these items can be dangerous to a toddler or a baby. For example, before your baby is born or before he or she can walk, it is important to go through your kitchen cabinets. During this search, you want to make sure that any dish cleaner, hand soap, or other cleaning solutions are cleared and placed in a cupboard out of your child’s reach. It sounds odd to an adult, but children have no knowledge of what is good or bad for them. Sometimes, children can see something colorful and place it into their mouths. Cleaning supplies can be exceedingly dangerous for a baby or a toddler, which is why clearing these items from their reach is so important.
If you don’t want to remove all of your cleaning supplies, you may want to invest in specialized baby-proofing cabinets. This technology makes it impossible for a baby to open a cabinet, as there is a specific latch required. With these technologies, all you have to do it push on a button at the top of the cabinet to have it unhook and allow you in the cabinet. For small children, these systems are difficult to understand and will prevent them from accidentally getting into chemical solutions in your kitchen.

If you have any large pots or pans in overhead storage areas, it is best if you place them in lower cabinets. For one, you should never store heavy pots in high-reach areas. If you accidentally drop the pot or pan, you could break it. Second, and most importantly, heavy objects falling to the floor from high areas are hazardous. If a pot were to fall on your child, it could seriously hurt them. Make sure that all pots and pans are stored in low cabinets that are fully baby proofed.

If you place your baby on the counter for any reason, it is best you never let them go. Toddlers and babies have no concept of gravity. And, small babies have no understanding of depth perception, which means, they will assume everything is at the same level. It isn’t until children reach five months that they will begin to understand depth perception and the difference between shallow and high objects. Even with their knowledge of depth, some babies won’t be able to control the weight of their head. So, even if they don’t want to, they can easily fall over or off high places.

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There are other ways to baby proof your kitchen other than high-tech cabinet proofing. Baby gates also exist to make it difficult for young children to make it into your kitchen without you noticing. You can also rely on the skills of your custom home builder to make doors that will prove challenging for children to get through into your kitchen.
Stay tuned for the second part of this blog series, as we will discuss other baby proofing examples in your living room, your bedroom, and your garage.

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