Why Move To Boerne, Texas?

So, you’re considering a move into Boerne, Texas.

Before you make any big decisions and increase that 16,000-person population — which we think is a great idea, by the way — let’s talk about what there is to do in Boerne besides enjoy your beautiful new UrbanLUX custom home.

Well, we suppose the first thing you should know is that our town name isn’t said the way that it’s spelled! Tough, right? Feel like a native by correcting people that the town name is pronounced “Bur-nee” and not “Born” or “Boh-ern.”

Welcome to Boerne!

Boerne may seem like a small town, but the tight-knit community is warm, friendly, and inclusive. A charming place that is “as unique as its name!” Known for being the ultimate day-trip location for those living in our bigger sister cities like Austin and San Antonio, there is no shortage of activities to keep you busy in Boerne.

A Brief History

Boerne, Texas is a town with an interesting history, to say the least.

In the mid-1800s there was a series of revolutions across Europe, including Germany. The start of the March Revolution, the German middle and working classes rose up demanding the government of the 39 German states become less autocratic and adopt liberal principles, like improvements to the working and living conditions.

Like most political environments, the liberals were so intent on change at all fronts they couldn’t agree amongst themselves. The liberals were a divided party that the conservative aristocracy conquered quickly. The defeated party found themselves facing political persecution if they didn’t seek a self-condemned exile. Well, who took in those tired, poor, huddled masses, nicknamed the Forty-Eighters?

Lady Liberty, of course.

The German political refugees fled to America for a new life. The refugees who moved near modern-day Boerne named it “Cicero’s Tusculum” after the famous Roman Emperor’s home. They were fiercely German and “free thinkers,” meaning they spent a majority of their time discussing science, politics, literature, philosophy, and music — in fact, some of that conversation was even in an original Latin dialect! Finally in 1852, two settlers helped the current Forty-Eighters create a town that was sustainable and could be incorporated. Given the anglicized name of the famous German satirical and political writer, Ludwig Börne, the town of Boerne was officially born.

Fun Facts

  • One of the first ever polo matches played in the United States was played in Boerne
  • Boerne was one of the best sanitariums for people with lung issues due to the diverse and warm climate. Pulmonary patients that needed care during World War I were sent to Boerne.
  • The Boerne Village Band was formed in 1860 and has been recognized by Germany for its cultural contribution in maintaining the country’s heritage. It has also been named the “oldest continuously organized German band in the world outside of Germany”!
  • Who runs Boerne? Girls! In a recent census it was found that for every 100 women, there were only 85 men.


Due to the gorgeous, historic downtown, Boerne is an ideal location for shopping, dining, and relaxing. Famous for a district named Hill Country Mile, a mile-long walking path along the historic main street for shopping and dining. Maybe shopping isn’t your thing? They have lots of chic, culturally rich experiences monthly such as “Art Al Fresco” or an outdoor exhibit of public art, movies in the park, farmer’s market, or even their very own “Tour d Boerne.”


Would you rather be outside on a river or riding a bicycle than window shopping or visiting historic buildings? No worries! We’ve got plenty of natural attractions for all you nature-loving Earth lovers!

Boerne is home to not one but two of Texas’ seven “show caves” or caves that are open to the general public for touring. Be sure you schedule to go with a guide, but ultimately, you don’t have to be an expert spelunker. Just an owner of sturdy tennis shoes and a light jacket. Boerne is also home to a plethora of people-friendly creeks, nature parks, swimming lakes, playgrounds, natural areas, hiking trails, and exploratory caverns.

Why Move To Boerne, Texas?

It’s an accomplished, artistic, folksy, hidden gem of Texas and ready for expansion! An accepting and educated town that has something for everyone, individuals and families alike, is the perfect place to call your new home. You’ll never be bored but you’ll also never be overwhelmed, and isn’t that the balance we’re all looking for?

Live Here Today

Regardless of how you’re planning to spend your free time in Boerne — shopping, sight-seeing, hiking, antiquing, or learning more history — you deserve to go home to a luxurious, custom built home of your very own. UrbanLUX Builders are custom home builder contractors in Boerne’s subdivisions. Contact us to get started on your beautiful new home in historically Germanic Boerne, Texas!

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