Celebrities From Hill Country

Welcome to Hill Country, Texas!

If you’re not sure what that means, that means you’re in the gorgeous Edwards Plateau in the west, central, southern part of Texas. The region is known for its rare plants, rare animals, rocky hills, steep canyons, and refreshing springs.

One of our developments is in the beautiful city of Boerne, aka Hill Country territory! In today’s blog we thought we’d talk about famous celebrities who also call this breath-taking land their home.

Tex Avery

Frederick Bean was born in 1908 and went on to become one of the biggest names in cartoons during the “golden age of American animation.” Not sure you would know any of his characters? Some of his famous characters that he created and directed include Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Elmer Fudd, and Droopy!

Fun fact: Avery went blind in his left eye when a coworker at Universal used a rubber band to shoot a wire paper clip at the back of Avery’s head. Unfortunately, the animator turned at the wrong moment and caught the metal wire in his eye, blinding him instantly. Many attribute this partial blindness to his unique directorial style of animations.

Willie Nelson

Born in 1933, Nelson still performs and creates new music today 86 years later. He was one of the first “outlaw country” musicians and has over 100 albums and singles under his belt, due to 60+ year career in music.

George Strait

King George had an insanely successful career in music as well. Maybe it’s something in those hills! Born in 1952, Strait is known as a record-breaking musician with his low, crooning love songs that evoke strong emotions from anyone who hears them.

Joan Crawford

Considered one of the “greatest female stars of Classic Hollywood Cinema,” Crawford was born in 1904 and had a career in the entertainment industry that spanned nearly five decades. She has been in numerous films, won several awards, and even been the center of many controversies. Overall, a thrilling life, even after her death.

Matthew McConaughey

Born in 1969, the “Dazed and Confused” star has gone on to work in several critically acclaimed movies as well as collect nominations and awards for his filmography. He’s known for his unique drawl, particular facial features, and uncommon actions like drumming naked on bongo drums in public or starring in meme-worthy Lincoln commercials.

Carol Burnett

This hilarious comedian was born in 1933 and became famous in her thirties for her comedy sketch program, “The Carol Burnett Show,” in the sixties. The show ran for 11 seasons but she continued to appear in movies, commercials, and television shows to make up a 60+ year career that she still pursues today.

Ethan Hawke

The youngest of this list, born in 1970, Hawke skyrocketed to fame through “Dead Poets Society” and has since become an accomplished actor, director, screenwriter, and novelist. Most recently recognized for his projects with Richard Linklater, fellow director and Austin, TX native, like the award winning movie “Boyhood.”

Fun Fact: Ethan Hawke considers Nova Scotia his “home away from home” and even owns a small island off the coast. In 2016, he pays tribute to the country in the film Maudie about a folk artist from Nova Scotia who falls in love with a fishmonger.

There’s no denying that the Edwards Plateau has grown some real talent in the entertainment industry. These celebrities have made significant contributions to history worldwide from Nelson’s soft crooning to Hawke’s running 12 year movie project — Hill Country is proud to have raised them.

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