Back To Luckenbach, Texas

The only two things in life that make it worth livin’
Is guitars that tune good and firm feelin’ women.

We’re not ones to disagree with Ol’ Waylon, in fact, we think Waylon and Willie are the only ones that have most of life figured out.

Now that you’ve moved into your beautiful, luxurious townhome in Boerne, (or San Antonio!) it’s time to go out and explore Hill Country Texas. Hill Country, your new home, is known for its rich green colors, luscious landscape, and rural aesthetic. Even Willie Nelson himself, the father of Outlaw Country, credits Hill Country, his home, for heavily influencing his music.

That being said, are you ready to be transported back to a simpler time? Take time to get back to the basics of love?

Let’s go to Luckenbach, Texas because out in Luckenbach, Texas ain’t nobody feelin’ no pain.

Only 12 miles from the always popular Fredericksburg, Texas, Luckenbach is one of the best and most relaxing day trips that can be had in Hill Country. The entire town itself is only nine acres of land and has a current total population of three people. To this day the town looks like a ghost-town and radiates Western vibes. All the buildings are the same as they were when they were built in the late 1800’s!


Luckenbach now has two main buildings, one building is a Post Office, saloon, and a general store. The other building is a dance hall! The general store is the oldest building, established in 1849 by Minna Engel. Her husband was named Carl Albert Luckenbach, the town’s first official postmaster. The town was named after him, though many people also called the town “Gap Creek,” which is the literal translation of a similar german phrase, “lücken bach.”

Luckenbach ran his trading post with a steady hand and it was one of the few community trading posts that never broke their treaty with the Comanche Indians. Eventually over time, the town fizzled out as more and more people moved on. In 1970, two married couples bought the town for $30,000 and used it’s municipality to govern their own stores and host unique festivals, such as the Women’s Chili Cookoff as well as The First Luckenbach World’s Fair (with surprise guest, Willie Nelson!)

The general store still operates as a souvenir store for people who come on the weekends because the dance hall hosts music every weekend. Sometimes the concerts are big names, like Willie Nelson, Pat Green, and Lyle Lovett. What kind of shirt can you get from the general store in Luckenbach? Merchandise with the town’s logo, “Everybody’s Somebody In Luckenbach” as well as the local, monthly newspaper, the “Luckenbach Moon.”


If you speak to the locals, they’ll tell you that a man named Jacob Brodbeck, born in Luckenbach built the first “airplane” before the Wright Brothers. As you can imagine, this claim is highly disputed, but not by those around Hill Country! In 1960, a horror film titled “The Naked Witch” was filmed in the small ghost town.

Ten years ago, something amazing happened. The organization, Voices of a Grateful Nation, held a fundraiser in the town called “Pickin’ for the Record.” They picked, and succeeded! 1,868 guitar players gathered around and played at the same time continuously for at least five minutes, setting the new Guinness World Record!

Urban LUX

After your relaxing, musical day in Luckenbach, Texas we know how much you’re looking forward to going home because somehow even relaxing all day is still exhausting sometimes. So if you’re looking to move into a home that feels as comfortable as you’d like it to be, call Urban LUX, Hill Country’s custom home builders. As you settle back into Boerne, don’t forget the basics of love that you learned about in Luckenbach.

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