Hill Country History

There’s always one in every family, that person who loves a museum. Maybe you’re that person or maybe it’s your daughter, but now that you’re thinking of moving into Hill Country, we’re sure your daughter is already looking up local museums.

Before you leave your warm, comfy, custom dream home in San Antonio for a crowded, overrated, boring museum, check out the best-kept secrets of Hill Country! These hidden treasures are full of weird, interesting, fascinating things that the whole family will love — not just one person!

Museum of the Weird

Open from ten am to midnight every day, the Museum of the Weird is one of the best and most unique attractions in Austin, Texas (among many!). With a slogan like “Come visit America’s Strangest Attraction!” and an admission price of only $12 a ticket, this museum is a must-see for anyone who is even slightly curious.

A modern day dime museum, this collection of oddities pays homage to the freak shows popularized by P.T. Barnum in the 1800’s. It was established in 2007 in the back of Lucky Lizard Curios & Gifts with the aim to make the public fall in love with a disappearing part of America but also to make them wonder again. Are the Fiji mermaids real or a gaff? The museum leaves it up to you to decide.

Toilet Seat Art Museum

This museum near San Antonio is exactly what it sounds like. A master plumber who is now over 95 years old, spent his retirement making over one thousand beautiful, unique, hand-painted toilet lids! In our last count, he has created at least 1,300 toilet seats. The museum itself became an accidental attraction after a man saw one of the toilet seat lids during a garage sale that Barney Smith was hosting. When the man asked to see more he was surprised by the handful of seats that Smith had already created. The rest is history — Smith’s phone was ringing nonstop with people asking to come see the artistic seats for themselves. Admission is free but we suggest going as soon as possible, it’s rumored the collection will be moving to northern Texas since it has been bought by Jason Boso after he found the exhibit for sale through, in his own words, “drunk Googling.”

Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park

If you’ve got an American history buff in your family, then the Lyndon B. Johnson National Park is a must see. The LBJ ranch is a beloved park with the warm saying, “all the world is welcome here.” The theme of the park is the cyclical nature of life, with attractions like the original Johnson settlement, LBJ’s childhood home, his schoolhouse, the ranch, his white house, and his precious collection of cars. Unfortunately, as far as the website says, the house where LBJ lived out his retirement after his presidency is currently closed to visitors due to structural damage but you can still tour the grounds and other important places in the 36th president’s life.

The National Museum of the Pacific War

Tucked away in Fredericksburg, Texas, the National Museum of the Pacific War is the only museum on the continental U.S. that is dedicated to memorializing the story of how WWII affected the Pacific. There are three separate galleries managed by the Admiral Nimitz Foundation, and was established in 1971. Why Fredericksburg? It’s the childhood home of Admiral Chester Nimitz, who played a major role in WWII naval history as the leading authority on submarines and the Chief of Naval Operations from 1945 – 1947.

Moving To Hill Country

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