The History Of Our Townhome Namesakes

We’ve named all of our townhome plans after famous trees and flowering plants found in Texas. Shrubbery and nature is one of the longest existing organisms and over the centuries have been assigned different meanings and symbols. Today we go into detail about the flora that inspired the names of our model homes.


Our Cypress home is a two-story home with four beds, two and a half baths, and a two car garage. Ideal for small families and professionally oriented couples who spend more time away from home but are still looking for a roof to relax under, decorate, and call your own.

Bald Cypress trees are native to North America and decorate the landscape of Texas. They thrive in moist, almost swampy, soil and can grow as tall as 50 feet, with a distinct pyramid shape that points to the sky. Cypress trees all have “knees,” a colloquial term for the bend in the roots that occasionally surface near the tree.

You may have heard these trees referred to as “the mournful tree.” They hold a powerful symbolism of transition between this earthly world and the heavenly one. They are often planted in cemeteries and gravestones and are heavily used as a heavenly motif in Neoclassical art and jewelry. In today’s modern era, they are mostly planted to use their height and density to create natural privacy.


The Lantana floor plan constructs a single story, three bed, two bath, two car garage home that is ideal for smaller families looking for a nice home to spend their days without having vast amounts of unused house space.

Lantanas are flowering bushes that can be grown into small, fat trees. They are also native to North America and their brightly colored yellow, orange, and red flowers attract butterflies. They are hardy shrubs that grow up to four feet with an equidistant spread, flowering in at least summer and fall, if not all year around.

According to floriography, the language of flowers, Lantana were included in “tussie mussies” as a symbol of rigor or a lack of flexibility. During the Victorian era, flowers were assigned meanings as a secret language so that people may exchange flowers with intent, instead of verbally expressing their emotions. The small bouquet would have an assortment of flowers/meanings in order to form a full sentiment.


Magnolia homes are luxurious with two stories, four bedrooms, and three and a half baths. With 2,546 square feet, this home is ideal for families looking to live the picket white fence dream with enough space for everyone, dog and cat included.

Magnolias are fragrant, flowering trees that are native to Japan but grow well in areas of the United States with morning sunlight and afternoon shade. They come in a wide range of sizes and fit almost every garden with the ability to grow as tall as 60 to 80 feet and as wide as 30 to 50 feet across. It blooms at a young age and stays beautiful year round, able to sustain cold environments, with a life span as long as a full century.

The flowers are known to symbolize royalty and feminine beauty. They are thought to reflect the purity, nobility, and dignity of the recipient when given as a gift. Different colors of the magnolia alter the meaning — the possible colors in a magnolia species is white, yellow, pink, and purple. White and yellow represent the moon and sun respectively, while pink symbolizes friendship and purple symbolizes royalty.


Our Monterrey plan is similar to the Lantana home but with more space for growing families! As with all of our homes, we offer customizable options as well as a landscaping plan so that you know you’re getting exactly what you want for your money.

Monterrey trees are also known as Mexican White Oaks and they grow rampantly in the landscape of Texas and are even school favorites of the University of Texas, Austin. An average lifespan of 100 years, these natural treasure grow to 40 feet tall — growing as much as four feet per year! They’re also naturally healthy, fairly resistant to bugs and other pests. They are perfect for a cooling, overarching shade that provides full coverage for a warm, friendly nap against the trunk.


Our Ponderosa floor plans are deluxe homes that have spacious two stories, three bedrooms, and two and a half baths. Our customizable features will help you and your family get everything you want of your budget and afford a home that’s move-in ready.

Ponderosa Pines are well-known as an anthropomorphisms of the Old West. It is generally accepted as the natural soul of the west and has even been described as “a Clint Eastwood of a tree.” They’re a hardy tree that is resistant to wildfires and grow with wide, crown-like, circular branches with needles and pine cones funneling up to a pointed top.

The first time a Ponderosa pine cone was seen by colonial Americans was when Lewis and Clark found the pine cones floating up the Missouri River into South Dakota. Known by young Girl Scouts in the West as the “vanilla tree” or “butterscotch tree,” the bark of a Ponderosa smells like vanilla or butterscotch when warmed by the sun. It was also the namesake of the family ranch on popular 1960’s television program, “Bonanza.”


Redbud homes feature two stories with four bedrooms, two and a half baths, and a two car garage. It’s a home made for couples, small families, or growing families, perfect in price, space, and amenities. Plus, if you don’t see a feature that you love or what something tweaked, we can do that with our customizable options.

Texas Redbud trees are different from their sister Redbuds in that ours are shaped differently. Everything’s bigger in Texas! Our trees (or multi-trunked shrubs) grow to be 15 to 20 feet tall with rounder, thicker, glossier red leaves. This particular species is native to Texas and is more accommodating to the drought and heat, though the first Redbud was discovered in the Middle East.

The Oak may be American’s national tree but the hardy Redbud was considered as a candidate. They have deep roots in the history of the United States. Native American’s would use the wood to make their bows and early settlers would add the vibrant leaves as a delicious addition to their salad. Traditional Christian mythology has it, the flowering leaves of the tree used to be white until Judas hung himself from the tree out of guilt over his betrayal of Jesus Christ. The tree changed it’s leaf color from a pristine white to a deep, blood red to express its shame in being the vehicle of Judas’ sin of suicide.


Last, but not least, our Sequoia floor plan is a unique one and a half story layout with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. We’ve found that young families, freshly moved to Texas thrive with this popular home design.

Sequoias may be more familiar to you under the name “Redwoods.” They are massive, endangered giants that tower in groves along the coast of California. They are currently protected by Yosemite National Park and are considered the “natural skyscrapers of the world.”

Sequoias are considered symbols of wellness, longevity, and wisdom. Often considered “nature’s cathedral,” these beautiful, arborous mountains can grow to be at least 1,000 years old and can regenerate damaged trunks. They are a spiritual tree that people call on for strength and survival.

Urban LUX Builders

At UrbanLUX Builders we offer brand-new and customizable model homes for you and your family in the San Antonio region of Texas. We enjoyed taking a moment to go into depth with you about the beautiful flora of our home state and our homes’ names. If you’re interested in our floor plans or moving into one of our stunning, luxurious homes, please reach out. We love helping families find their forever home.

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