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Where to Spend Your Money During a Kitchen Remodel

When you get ready to remodel part of your home, it’s very easy to get caught up in the many different luxury items that you want to add. The cost can quickly tally up and seem impossible to accomplish in the end. In reality, there are actually parts of a large-scale kitchen remodel that you… read more

9 Questions to Ask About the Contractors on Your Home Project

Let’s face it: giving up control of your custom home build can often be hard. You trust your home builder. You’re excited for the design and, in fact, excited for the entire process. However, it’s simply hard for you to stay out of the process once all the major design decisions are made and just… read more

Tips to Keep an Eye on Your Project

Working with building contractors on your large-scale remodel or custom home build can often be an overwhelming and challenging task. You often feel like you’re pushed into one of two extremes: Leave the contractors alone to do their own thing or be constantly involved with every detail to get what you want. But what if… read more

6 Tips to Remodel Green

One of the biggest growing building trends in the nation is the process of building green. Whether it’s a new construction build or you’re remodeling your current home, opting for green building practice is a great choice. When you opt for green building practices, you’re not opting for sustainable building practice, but also a home… read more

Why You Need Professionals for Your Remodel

Many families will take on the challenge of remodeling their homes themselves. While that is an admirable goal and there are some people who can probably tackle the project well, most families should opt to work with building contractors and a home remodeling company for this project. There are so many variables in a large… read more

Interview Questions for Your Custom Home Builder

Building a custom home, or even a semi-custom home in a planned community, means that you have to find the right home builder and building contractors for you. This can be an extensive and exhausting process in order to find the right home builder for your needs. Because this is your investment and your home… read more

How Do You Know You’re Ready for a Large-Scale Remodel

When you opt to do a large-scale remodel on your home, you’re making both a big financial commitment and investment in your home. You’re opting to both upgrade the interior for yourself as well as for the future value that it will provide. You have to be careful with large home remodels to make sure… read more