Custom Home Builders Boerne

At UrbanLUX Builders we have over 20 years of experience building custom homes for communities in Texas. We’ve recently developed a community in Boerne, just outside of San Antonio. This quaint town is a pleasant addition to Hill Country and you can live here in a home of your very own that you can customize yourself. In our blog, you can read about topics about the rich history in Boerne and details about the houses we’ve been building there for you! All of our townhomes are luxurious and beautiful in a way that’s comfortable and affordable. We don’t believe in having to sacrifice your budget just for a good looking house — every house should be good looking, regardless of the price!

Back To Luckenbach, Texas

The only two things in life that make it worth livin’ Is guitars that tune good and firm feelin’ women. We’re not ones to disagree with Ol’ Waylon, in fact, we think Waylon and Willie are the only ones that have most of life figured out. Now that you’ve moved into your beautiful, luxurious townhome… read more

The History Of Our Townhome Namesakes

We’ve named all of our townhome plans after famous trees and flowering plants found in Texas. Shrubbery and nature is one of the longest existing organisms and over the centuries have been assigned different meanings and symbols. Today we go into detail about the flora that inspired the names of our model homes. Cypress Our… read more

Pristine Landscaping Ideas For A Brand New Townhome

One of the biggest perks of a townhome is that it comes with little-to-no yard maintenance. It’s also not like a condo or an apartment where there is no yard, garden, or private space. Townhomes provide the best of both worlds: a small space to call your own without the overload of hours-long maintenance. UrbanLUX… read more