Fencing For Your New Home

Fencing and Why It Matters

Typically, fencing can feel caging. Fencing is used, generally, to keep someone in or keep something out. For private residences, homeowners will like to use fences to show where their property line is. Though fencing can sometimes be helpful to homeowners, it can also make your home look dilapidated and rundown.
In this blog, we will talk about the benefits and drawbacks of home fencing. Hopefully, with this blog in mind, you will be able to make big decisions, especially when it comes to whether you should install fencing for your new home.

Why Fencing?

Fencing can be important to your home because it can offer a sense of privacy. Not only that, but fencing can also give you a sense of peace. Because fencing is meant to be laid down around your house, it can make you feel like your home is fully fortified and protected. Yet, aside from these benefits, fencing has many others as well.
If you are trying to decide whether fencing is the right option for your home, the reasons below might help you make a final decision.

Keeping Kids and Pets Inside Your Property

If you have pets or children, you want to ensure that they are safe and well taken care of. With a fence surrounding your property, you can ensure that your children are safe and out of harm’s way. Pets, too, can benefit from a fence. For example, pets, especially dogs can easily run away or find trouble with neighboring animals or wildlife. With a fence, you can ensure that your pet is safe and sequestered by your fence.

** It is important to note that before you get your fence, you will have to test how high your pet can jump. If you spend money for a premium fence, you will want to ensure that it will work and keep your pets inside your property line.

Keep Out Wildlife

If you live in an area where deer, raccoons, and possums freely roam, a fence may be a good decision. Why? Well, based on the height of the fence, you may be able to keep pesky critters off of your property. Again, much like our pet example, you will want to ensure that you have measured the correct height for your fence. Deer can jump incredibly high, which means they can leap over your fence and still make a meal out of your lawn and garden.

Demonstrate Property Lines

Demonstrating where your property line begins can be important for more reasons that knowing where to plant trees, flowers, and where your kids can place their toys on the lawn. Actually, fencing can be necessary for legal and insurance purposes. For example, if a tree from your neighbor’s lawn falls on your house, you have the ability to file for an insurance claim or sue your neighbor. If there is no clear line for your property, it can be difficult to figure out which property the tree belongs too. Of course, this is a very simple example, but you can begin to understand why knowing where your property line is can be important.

The Downsides of Fencing

There are downsides to fencing, though not many. For one, fencing can be problematic if you do not maintain it. For instance, if you are not remaining vigilant about painting your fence or replacing old or broken pieces, the fence is useless.
The type of fence you choose matters. For instance, there are many different types of fencing available, but it is important that you choose one that coincides with the aesthetics of your home. For instance, if your home has a natural, comforting aesthetic, you won’t want to install chain mail fencing.

UrbanLux Builders Fencing Packages

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