Learning About Warm and Cold Tones

Learning About What Tones to Have in Your Home

Home decor is wide-ranging and almost too big of a concept to put into simple terms. Why? Well, your home, whether custom-made for you or bought on the market, is special to you. When you decorate your home, it is typically based on your individual tastes. What you think looks good, may not to another person. But, since it is your home, the only person you really need to please is yourself.
At UrbanLux Home Builders, we strive to build quality homes for our clients. Together, you and our builders can create a structural plan for your custom home. By being able to meet with our builders, you can create the foundation of a home that is built to your needs. Because you will have so much control over the design and structure of your home, you can plan what you will want the aesthetics of your home to be like.

What Kind of Homeowner Are You?

What kind of homeowner are you? There are many different types of people out there. But just as there are many diverse people, there are also different types of homeowners. For instance, there are three main types of homeowners:

    • The Careful Homeowner

: The careful homeowner is all about making sure the house is well taken care of. To this type of owner, their home is important to them, which means they will constantly want to make it look its best. Common traits of these types of homeowners is their attention to detail, decor, and dust; careful homeowners tend to be very clean and precise when it comes to the state of their home. These types of homeowners will like to entertain guests for the purpose of showing them the quality and state of their home.

    • The Comfortable Homeowner

: The comfortable homeowner is a types of person that uses their home as their own burrow of comfort. Everything in their house is made to make it seem comfortable and cozy. This type of homeowner isn’t really interested in flashy decor, they just want to personalize their home with the things that make them happy, no matter how much these items seem to clash.

    • The Non-Existent Homeowner

: The relaxed homeowner doesn’t want to entertain guests in their home. And, they don’t seem want to lounge in their home, either. There are some people that don’t have attachments to their home and don’t feel like they need it as a sanctuary. Instead, these types of homeowners are everywhere but their home.

The Tones of Your Home

No matter what kind of homeowner you are, you will have to choose what kind of decor and tones you want in your home. The aesthetics of your home depend on who you are as a person and what you like. For example, if you are a carefree person, you are most likely going to choose medium colors, such as tans, browns, and greens, to paint and decorate your home. However, if you are a stricter person, you will want to choose solid, light colors, such as white, blue, or grey.
What kind of person you are will determine your house’s interior and exterior. In the interior design world, “tone” is very important to the aesthetics of a house. There are two tones a home can have: a warm tone and a cold tone. However these tones don’t have anything to do with the temperature of a home, or the feeling it can give homeowners. For instance, a warm toned home won’t always give you a “homie vibe,” especially if it is not your taste. But what does a warm or cold tone mean?

Cold Tones

When we talk about tones, we are discussing the color palette of your home. Much of the interior design of your home should be able to follow either a warm or cold tone. These “tones” are referring to color patterns of your cabinets, wall colors, and floors. For “cold tone homes,” the colors will typically incorporate colder colors, such as blues, whites, blacks, and greys. Just because these colors are stylistically “colder” doesn’t mean that your home will make you feel cold or isolated. The name “cold tone” is just in reference to the fact that colors that are typically chosen for this style are on the colder side of the color spectrum.

Warm Tones

Warmer tones are very popular in homes, especially for people who view their home as their own personal sanctuary. Warm tones involve colors such as reds, browns, tans, and greens. How you will be able to tell if you have a warm toned home is by seeing the colors of your kitchen cabinets, your wall colors, and the color of your couch. If you notice that most of your house has a tan or brown color to it, you most likely have a warm toned home.

The tone of your home is typically determined the second you choose your flooring or cabinet colors for your kitchen. The color of your floors and kitchen cabinetry will typically determine the other colors in your house. However, if you are clashing colors together, for example, if you paint your walls red, but then install grey cabinetry, you might be unpleasantly surprised by the color mixing. When planning the interior of your home, you will want to always keep color tones in mind.

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