Master Bathroom Renovations

When it comes to your home, it’s easy to see both the positives and, especially, the negatives. You choose your home for a reason, but perhaps your current San Antonio home no longer works for you the way it did before. Perhaps your needs have changed, the way you use your home has changed, or you’ve simply been waiting to address an outdated space until the right time. When this happens, you have two choices. You can either opt to sell your current home and purchase one that is more fitting for your needs, or you can renovate.

Renovations are a great choice for individuals who still love many of the features and functionality that their home provides. It’s also a great option when the current location of your home just can’t be beat. Large-scale renovations can help you to improve both the look and functionality of your home that still mostly works for your needs. Some of the most common renovations are of the rooms that tend to matter the most to people: the kitchen and the bathrooms. In fact, the master bathroom tends to be a great room to renovate in order to improve the functionality, and more often than not, it’s best to gut the space and start from scratch. Here are just a few ideas for your possible master bathroom renovation to turn a small bathroom space into a great space you can be happy with.

Some of the biggest struggles with a small master bathroom include having no storage space, minimal counter space, and perhaps not even the tub that you want. We have seen plenty of master bathrooms that just have a vinyl shower liner and that’s about it. Even if you love having just the shower, trust us, we can do better.

Spa-Like Features

Let’s say you have a bathroom like the one described above. It’s small, only has a shower, and could really use some updates. You’d love to have a master bathroom that makes you feel like you’re spending the evening at the spa. You can have that! There are several different options. You can always add a small, but deep bathtub into the space that the shower currently occupies. If you’re lucky, you may even be able to comfortably fit a larger soaking tub. No matter which tub you choose, you can easily pick designer tile to fit your tastes and add things like built in nooks to your bath space. If you opt to keep just the shower, ditch the vinyl and opt for a custom tiled shower space. That way you can add color and have features such as a bench and custom bottle alcoves. It’s also worth taking the time to upgrade your fixtures and perhaps opt for a rainfall style showerhead too.

Improve on Storage

Having a small master bathroom comes with unique challenges, but at UrbanLUX Builders, we’re always up for the challenge. Some of the hardest things tends to be finding storage space. There is always the option of using the space under the sink, but when you choose a vanity with lots of storage space, you may also be choosing a clunky design. There are a wide variety of options, however, including incorporating built-in linen closets into unused wall space. Also, if you can, opt for one sink over two and an extended countertop, for extra room. Lastly, little details, like shelving above the toilet, can really make a difference in your new bathroom space.

Space Saving Features

When you have a small master bathroom, the goal is to open up space and make it look bigger. In order to do that, you have to factor in as many space saving features as possible. Using narrow vanities and tubs is one way to get the functionality and space that you desire. Other options for space saving features include building storage into the walls if there is space, and selecting on-trend features like sliding barn doors can also help. While you’re going to want solutions that are more durable and higher-quality than Ikea, the Swedish company does know what it’s doing when it comes to design and space-saving features. So perhaps, take the time to look through some of their examples of bathroom design and see if anything strikes your fancy.

Current Trends

When it comes to current trends for master bathrooms, there are many that are currently in style, and yet are going to be timeless. Subway tiles are a current favorite, and the bright white can help make any small space seem larger. High contrast is another favorite with bright white tile and deep, dark brown vanities or flooring. The best part is that even if your style isn’t a current trend, with your bathroom it’s hard to go wrong.

When you’re ready for a bathroom overhaul in San Antonio, contact the team at UrbanLUX Builders today to get started on your large-scale remodel.

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