Meet The Neighbors: Fredericksburg, TX

Let’s talk about Fredericksburg, Texas!

Why? No, we’re not building luxury townhomes there (yet!) but the historic little town is just a hop, skip, and a jump from our neighborhoods in Boerne and San Antonio. We were taught to love our neighbor, so we decided to dedicate today’s blog as a small showcase of this bustling community.

Considering how close you’ll live if you move into one of our luxury townhomes, it’s almost impossible not to be excited about this relaxing, picturesque day trip.

Fredericksburg, Texas

Founded in the mid-1800’s, Fredericksburg could be thought of as a sister city to Boerne, in terms of the deep German roots that are planted into the city’s history. The community is small, tight-knit, and friendly. Walking into Fredericksburg feels like walking into Scout and Jem’s neighborhood from To Kill A Mockingbird, evoking a long-forgotten feeling of warm summer days, cool lemonade, and porch sitting.

So, if you’re visiting for a day or two, you can’t just walk up to some stranger’s porch and sit down (though people here are that friendly!). However, there’s still plenty to do that engages visitors with the community and landscape in this Hill Country town.

Fredericksburg Herb Farm

This charming garden is sweet smelling to walk around in, but you can also rent out one of the quaint cottages to spend the evening feeling like nature nymph that we all were at one point in past lives. Live out your inner Tinkerbell dreams and sleep among the flowers for a night!

Fredericksburg Main Street

Remember how we said that this town has expansive German roots? Those are best seen when strolling down Hauptstrasse, also known as Main Street. The historic district proudly displays ancient architecture with German influences, not touched or remodeled since their ancestors built it roughly 200 years before. There’s a prominent sign announcing Fredericksburg’s pride in their German heritage. Shop along this old storefronts and meander around the city’s well-known landmarks like the Pioneer Memorial Museum.

Willow City Loop

Take a moment to stop and smell the flowers on this breathtaking scenic route just outside of the city. Driving through this 13 mile loop, you can see endless fields of wildflowers, particularly Texas Bluebonnets and Lavender. You’ll not only see the wildflowers, but this two lane highway will make you want to roll down the windows, crank up the tunes, and take in the landscape that inspired your favorite outlaw country legends like Willie Nelson.

Comfort Meet Market

This darling market is not quite in Fredericksburg, but if you’re coming from your townhome in San Antonio or Boerne, you’ll definitely drive through it to Fredericksburg! Located in the aptly named, Comfort, Texas, it would be a mistake to not stop and stretch your legs at one of Hill Country’s best known shopping markets.

Lindsay Ranch

If staying in a cottage isn’t your thing, but you still want an authentic Hill Country experience, you can’t go wrong with booking a reservation at Lindsay Ranch. This humble, unassuming ranch is peak Texan culture. You can choose to rent out a cabin or reserve a campground if that’s more your style. Fun fact! This ranch is one of the last places in the U.S. that you can hunt for Topaz! They provide the tools and anything you find, you get to keep.

Old Tunnel Wildlife Management Area

See if you’re braver than Bruce Wayne at this special park in Fredericksburg where you can observe a happy colony of Mexican, free-tailed bats. An ideal place to pack a picnic and spend some time getting fresh air surrounded by local wildlife, this state park is a peaceful way to spend several hours. If you come at the right time of day and year, you may be there to see the Bat Emergence when the colony leaves to hunt for the evening. Bats aren’t really your thing? There are lots of other great state parks nearby to check out!

UrbanLUX Builders

While the old architecture and whimsical culture of Fredericksburg is a nice respite from real life, we think that you should be just excited to go home as your are to go on vacation. That’s why you should be living in a customized UrbanLUX townhouse, where being at home is as relaxing as being on vacation.

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