Perks of Having a Custom Built Home

Very rarely will you find a home that was designed with your needs in mind. Though you can definitely come close and find homes that hit just about every item on your list, the only way for you to enjoy a home that feels like it was built for you, is to invest in a house that was built for you.

UrbanLUX Builders is happy to provide beautiful custom builds right here in Boerne. The small city feel and gorgeous hills of Texas make it a fantastic place to live. With our community right off the highway, any one of our homes would be a quick drive to San Antonio. While all of these reasons are things that draw individuals to our homes, it’s the custom build that seals the deal.

In today’s blog post, we are going to touch on a few of the benefits of having a house custom built for you. Whether you’ve been searching the market for “the one” or you’ve worked your way through the housing market enough to know you aren’t going to find “the one,” today’s blog is for you. Let’s get started.

Built to Your Preferences

Having a big kitchen is a vague description that people have when they start house hunting. In their minds, however, they’re really saying that they want stainless steel appliances, an island with granite countertops, gorgeous hardwood floors, windows that light the space up, and enough room for their family to enjoy breakfast together. While you may be vocalizing that a big kitchen is all you want, if it doesn’t have the items on your list, it’s easy to deem that it’s not the one.

When you choose to invest in a custom built house, you get the opportunity to design a home to your preferences. That means that even the smallest of details are in your court. From the layout of the home to the number of bedrooms and materials used, you can finally enjoy living in the house of your dreams when you choose to go with a custom build.

Save Money

A common misconception is that custom builds are more expensive than purchasing any old home off the market. While it can seem that way because of the money that you’re investing into a new home, it’s often forgotten just how much money goes into fixing up a house that isn’t meeting your necessities.

Whether you’re removing wallpaper and giving it a fresh coat of paint, changing the siding on the exterior of your home, upgrading to hardwood floors throughout the house, or are investing in extending the size of your home, that is money that should not be forgotten.

By investing in a custom build, you not only save yourself the money that these side projects cost, but you save yourself the time. And the best part is you still get to enjoy the home of your dreams.

Unique Touches

The thing that ultimately makes your home, your home, is the unique touches of you and your family spread throughout the house. When you choose to purchase a home that you didn’t design, we often add these special touches in the decor that we use. While that’s all fine and dandy, why not let the house speak for itself?

Having a custom build not only allows for you to achieve the ultimate functionality out of the space that you have, but it gives you a chance to choose the unique touches that are going to separate your home from any other house. This could be in the materials that you use, the detailing that you choose to incorporate, or even just in the layout that you configure. Either way, we always love to see the unique touches that people add while they design their dream home.

Choice in Materials

We’ve talked a little bit about the fact that when you invest in a custom home, you can choose your materials. While this point does factor into the ability to add unique touches and build to your preferences, it’s such a prominent part that it needs to be covered on its own.

The materials that are incorporated into the build of a home may seem like a simple choice, but in the end, each and every material used contributes something to the bigger picture. It’s incredible how light placement can change the ability to focus in a room, or how the color of your floor can affect how large a room feels. It’s these tiny details that you are now able to work on for yourself to achieve your ultimate home.

If you are a homeowner now, or even if you’re renting, you’ve likely come across a few materials that you’ve absolutely hated. There’s also probably been a time or two that you’ve sat in a house and thought about the changes that you’d make to turn it into your dream home. It’s these types of moments that make investing in a custom home worth every dollar.

Professional Guidance

In most cases, the individuals that we’ve worked with have never had the chance to build a custom home. While most of us have dreamed up what our ideal space would look like and the materials that we would use, it’s not so common for us to understand why things need to happen in regards to the construct of a home. Luckily, when you work with a builder, you get the professional guidance that ensures you the home that you have always wanted. You also have someone that you can quickly turn to and ask questions throughout the process.

The team at UrbanLUX Builders takes the build process very seriously — we want to perfect it for you! You’ll see our passion and dedication in every conversation that we have. At the end of the day, we are just tools being used to get you your dream home.

Consider a Home By UrbanLUX Builders

If you’re interested in moving to the Boerne area, consider a home designed and built by UrbanLUX Builders. We have been fortunate enough to develop communities and build countless homes. Feel free to reach out to our team if you have any questions regarding the different layouts that we offer, the process of a custom build, or if you’d simply like to have an open conversation about the possibility of a custom home build in Boerne. Our team is always here to help.

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