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Apartments Versus Homes: Which Are Safer?

According to the FBI, burglary is the most common threat American homes have to face. That being said, there are over 3 million burglaries that happen each year. Even more daunting, in 1 million of those burglaries, there was a household member present. Because burglaries are so common, it stands to reason that Americans would want to equip their living spaces with security features.

In this blog, we will compare the safety features of both apartments and detached, single-family homes. We will explain how custom homes are safer than typical homes because they can be built with add-on security features.

Your Home is a Target

In a recent study conducted at the Ryerson University, it was found that apartment renters often feel more fear of crime, but are targeted far less than expected. This means that apartment renters are afraid of crime but aren’t targeted for home break-ins. However, their fear of burglary isn’t unwarranted, as apartment renters are far more likely to experience car thievery, muggings, and other forms of burglary.

But, even with this information, there are many family homes that are targeted by thieves. For instance, it has been reported that there are over 2.5 million home burglaries a year. Of those break-ins, 66 percent of those were victimized homes.

Homes are commonly targeted by thieves because there is a good chance there is something of value in a nice home. Also, homes are built in nicer neighborhoods with a false sense of security, which means homes are less protected than other dwellings, such as apartments. Because homes are easy targets, without proper security measures, they are less safe. Especially, when faced with the statistic that of the home break-ins last year, 28 percent of them had a household member present during the crime. This means that your home is not only a target, but thieves can enter the house when you are still at home.

So, what can you do?

Security Measures for Your Custom Home

Though homes are major targets for burglaries, they have more security opportunities than apartments. For apartments, you can’t equip your space with more security measures than an extra door lock. It is unfortunate, but if a thief wants to enter an apartment, they can find a way. However, most thieves don’t attempt to rob an apartment because there are most likely people nearby.

Homes are far more secluded, which make them excellent places to break into. Homes can be vulnerable to thieves, but they also can be equipped with many different safety features.

Security Cameras

Homes now can set up security cameras to protect their homes. These devices provide an extra sense of security, as they can identify criminals and catch them in the act. Also, having raw digital footage offers homeowners concrete evidence to share with court officials if the criminal is caught, or to insurance companies when they want to be reimbursed for their stolen property.

Security cameras can also be ideal to keep a watchful eye on your home when you are away. Thieves will choose to target homes when their owners are away on vacation. With a motion-sensor security camera, you can be on-alert if someone is trying the break into your home when you are away. By being alert the moment an unauthorized person enters your home, you can call the authorities right away to ensure that the culprit is apprehended.

Automatic Locking Systems

Today, front and back doors can have automatic locking systems installed. With just one push of a button, you can lock your entire house. This style of security system is useful for those that sometimes forget to lock all the doors of their house. With an automatic system, you never have to wonder with all doors are locked. And, with automatic locking systems, households can also install alarm systems. So, if your house becomes a victim of a break-in, your alarm will go off and frighten the thief.

Locking systems can be installed in already-built homes, however, with custom homes, you can construct your home with the intention of securing it. For instance, you can ensure that there are no easy-access spots in your house for robbers to take advantage of. By choosing a custom home builder and discussing your security options, you can construct a home that is built to be fully secured.

Fencing for Your Custom Home

Fencing is also a great way to ensure that your home is safe. By putting up large fencing you can deter passing thieves from being enticed by your house. Most thieves only decide to rob a home, based on what they see in the windows. Fencing is a great way to increase your sense of privacy and keep thieves from coming up with bad ideas.

Fencing can also be an advantageous option for homeowners because it will not only keep children and pets within your property line, but also make it more difficult for thieves to enter your home. Large fences make it difficult for robbers to enter and exit with your property. If you are interested in this types of security option, speak with your local luxury home builder.

UrbanLux Builders

At UrbanLux Builders, we are able to build gorgeous custom homes in quiet, safe neighborhoods. As stated, because homes are a primary target, you will want to ensure your home is well-secured. By talking to your local San Antonio builder, together, you can both come up with a plan to further protect your home from passing thieves. Speak with our custom home builder today and see how we can construct you a home that is comfortable and safe. Contact us today!

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