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15 Ways to Save Money for Your Custom Home Construction: Part 1

How to Save Money? Saving money is no easy task. Too often you can get distracted by something you want or you think that you want. Because money can be spent as fast as it is earned, it makes it difficult to monitor your accounts. Specifically, it is difficult to budget out funds and stick… read more

15 Ways to Save Money for Your Custom Home Construction: Part 2

Saving Money for Home Construction…Continued As we have discussed in our first part of this blog series, saving money for a custom home building project can be difficult. Saving money can be an especially challenging task, particularly when you have other expenses getting in your way. In our first portion of the series, we discussed… read more

The Dangers of Fine Homebuilding

Though building a home can seem as easy as screwing a few pieces of wood together, there is actually a lot more to the construction process than you would think. For one, machinery and construction equipment can be dangerous if you are not careful. That is why, if you are an amateur builder, to save… read more

10 Layout Mistakes When Building a Home Part 2

10 Layout Mistakes When Building a Home Welcome back! We will continue our list of 10 mistakes you can make when building a home. We have listed these mistakes, specifically because we know that they are the most common. If you are interested in building a home that is built correctly, the first time, you… read more

Different Styles of Custom Homes Part 1

  Custom Housing Styles Just like no two people are the same, no two houses are either. Each house is constructed with its own floor plan and differs in many ways. When you design your own custom house, you have full control of what the house will look like. That being said, depending on your… read more

10 Layout Mistakes When Building A Home

10 Layout Mistakes When Building A Home Building a home can be one of the most exciting adventures of your life. After years of living in housing that was always preplanned, you finally have the ability to choose where you live. When you build a custom house, you have the opportunity to embark on a… read more

UrbanLux Home Builders

Why San Antonio, Texas, is a great place to live! Comfortable for all Lifestyles Many might ask why they should move to San Antonio. Simply put, San Antonio is a great place to live because of its versatility. Though it is a younger, vibrant city, the location can also be advantageous for those who would… read more

5 Things to Consider When Building Your Home

Home construction is an extremely exciting venture. It is your official chance to create your own space the way that you would want to see it. Building a home makes it uniquely yours and gives you the control over your living space that you have always craved. Along with the joys of building your own… read more

Build a Foundation: Be a Homeowner

There are many benefits to owning a house. But unfortunately, the amount of money going into the purchase of a house often leads to hesitation. Here are five reasons why you can rest easy when worrying about owning a home.   Home Appreciation One of the many reasons why homeownership is worth the investment is… read more