Tips on Moving Into Your Custom Home

How to Pack Like a Master

At one point or another, we have all had to pack our things. Whether you were packing for a vacation, a sleepover, or a move to a new house, odds are you have experienced the art of packing. For some, packing can be a chore or a colossal waste of time. Actually, packing can be more fun than you think and can be incredibly productive. For one, when you pack your things to move to a different home, you are able to get a full view of everything you own. Best of all, you can comb through your belongings and determine what you want, and don’t want. This “hardcore spring cleaning” is great for both you, and the person who will eventually receive your unwanted items. So, packing in a way, can be beneficial to not only you, but others who are in need.
Packing can also be fun because it signifies a change or a new adventure. Moving to a new home can be exciting because it means your whole world will change. Moving means that you will have a new home, a new neighborhood, and a new way of doing things. That being said, when moving to a new location, it is best to put your ‘right foot forward.’ Packing is an art, and if you don’t do it properly the results can be disastrous. In this blog, we will discuss tips and tricks to make your packing project go smoothly and your moving transition effortless.

Packing Heavy Coats

Packing heavy coats, such as raincoats and snow coats, can be a huge nuisance. Why? Well, because they are all so bulky, they often take up too much valuable packing space. And, when you bundle heavy coats, they take up twice as much room, which means you use twice as many boxes than you actually need. Though the amount of boxes may seem a silly thing to get upset about. When you are moving already-packed boxes, any fewer boxes to transported will be appreciated. And, if you are hiring a moving company to help you leave your old residence, some companies will charge you by the box.
So, what is the best way to back heavy coats? Trashbags! Yes, you heard correctly: trash bags are the best method to move bulky coats. By slipping your coats into a bag and poking a hole at the bottom, you can self-make a durable slipcover for your coats. This cover will not only keep your coats well protected from dirt and dust, but make your coats more manageable. For instance, because the coats are on hangers, you can hang them in your car or place them on your passenger’s lap. That way, you completely cut them out of the moving-charges equation. Better still, you not only save money by not purchasing a formalwear cover, but save valuable space for the other items you wish to bring with you to your new home.

Packing Clothes

Packing clothes can be tedious, especially if you have a closet so full that it threatens to swallow you whole. The good news is that packing clothing is one of the simplest items to pack. First, you will want to purchase a plastic tub. Though these tubs are expensive, they will last you decades and safeguard against bugs, rodents, and dust. It is important when purchasing your tub that it has lock-safe technology. When observing a plastic tub, you want to make sure that it has a lid and specialized handles to make it easier to carry. Though the difference between lower and higher priced tubs might seem small, the handles and locking technology will be highly valuable to the moving process. For example, when moving items that are delicate, such as finely-woven sweaters and silk blouses, you want to make sure that they are well-packed, secured, and easily transportable, if need be. Plastic bins ensure that all items are safe and not threatened by any unfortunate spills, holes, etc.
When packing clothes, you will always want to use a rolling method. By tightly rolling shirts, shorts, and pants, you are allowing more room to be optimized in your bin. Using rolling and layering methods, you will be able to pack three times as much, instead of simply folding your clothing and placing them into a bin.
Another method for packing your clothes is by using vacuum sealed bags. These bags allow you to store ample amounts of clothing and then vacuum seal the bag. Because all of the air is taken from the bag, all of the clothing inside is subsequently shrinked and preserved. So, if you are looking to optimize your packing space, perhaps vacuum sealed bags would be right for you.

Storing Shoes

The best way to store your shoes is by organizing them by style and seasonal use. For example, you will want to separate your sandals from your winter boots. It is important to always pack your shoes in a tub or a shoe organizer. Never place all of your shoes in a plastic bag and “call it a day.” Though plastic bags are durable and can be helpful when used for moving projects, shoes are heavy and can cause the bag to break. Also, when all of your shoes are located in one bag, you will eventually have to re-match up all of your shoes. Placing your shoes in one bag could also mean they could become damaged by coming into contact with each other. The best way to pack your shoes is by organizing them by pair and coordinate certain boxes for specific seasons. For winter shoes, you will want to put all your boots in the same box. You will also want to but your heaviest shoes at the bottom of the tub.

Packing Frames

Frames are difficult to pack, mainly because they are square, pointy, and fragile. Nothing is worse than packing up your precious frames, only to find them crushed once you get to your new home. The best way to pack your frames is by wrapping them in paper. After you wrap them in paper, you then want to slide them in into a mirror box. Mirror boxes are often very thin and will hold anywhere from two to three different frames or mirrors. It is important if you are packing more than one frame in a mirror box that you cushion each of the frames with newspaper. If you don’t, the frames could loosely hit each other and cause damage to the frames and their glass.

Packing Kitchenware

If you’re planning to pack up your kitchen, you might run into packing challenges. For example, kitchenware can be oddly shaped, which is a challenge to pack. The best way store your kitchen items is by wrapping them with newspaper. Items such as plates, glassware, and other materials need to be protected. If allowed to freely justle in tubs or boxes, your kitchenware could become chipped during the move.

UrbanLux Home Builders

At UrbanLux Home Builders, our job is to provide our customers with luxury custom homes. If you are living in San Antonio, our contracting company can help you build the home of your dreams. Once we have built you your home, you must begin your packing project. We hope that through this blog you learned ways to help collect your belongings to move to your next home. Contact UrbanLux Home Builders today for your fine homebuilding needs.

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