Townhome vs. Single-Family Home: Which Is Right For You?

When you’re getting ready to invest in a new home, there are countless things that you need to take into consideration. One of the most prominent ones will be the size. If you’re considering something smaller, like a townhome or a condo, you should spend some time understanding whether or not this is going to be the best fit for you and your family.

In today’s blog, we are going to talk about the difference between townhomes and single-family homes. Our hope is that by diving into this content, you’ll be able to better determine which of these options is going to suit you and your needs better. Let’s dive in.

What is a Townhome

If you’re looking for a smaller option in terms of housing, a townhome is a fantastic option. Townhomes are two-story structures that share at least one full, floor-to-ceiling wall with another residence. While the entire structure is shared by more than one residence, each individual residence can be purchased.

These structures differentiate from single-family homes only in that they share a wall with another residence. Aside from that, these structures have absolutely everything that your standard home would have. Whether there’s a specific number of bedrooms and bathrooms that you’re looking for, a fenced yard you’d like to have, or a layout you’d prefer for your home, you can find it in a townhome.

If you don’t need as much space as a single-family home has to offer, or a single-family home is out of your budget, then a townhome is a great option to consider.

Single-Family Home

Your typical house is going to be considered a single-family home. These structures are not, in any way, attached to other residencies. These types of properties, when purchased, leave the owner in charge of both the interior and exterior of the house, as well as any yard or driveway that is included in the property.

When it comes to single-family homes, there are so many options that it’s not difficult to find something that speaks to your individual needs. From the size and layout to the location and features, there are various single-family homes out there to choose from. More often than not, this is going to provide you with some more personal space and property than a townhome will.

Determining What’s Best For You

Now that you have a basic idea of how these two property types differ, it’s time to determine which of them is going to be a better fit for you. At the end of the day, neither of these housing options is a bad one, it simply comes down to what is going to work best for you. Keep reading for a few of the factors that could help you determine which will be the better fit.

Proximity to Neighbors

One of the most noticeable differences between these two structures will be the proximity to your neighbors. If you don’t mind being close to others and you like the sense of community that living in a townhome could provide, the proximity to the next residence won’t be a problem at all. On the other hand, if you appreciate your space and don’t want to be too close to your neighbors, a single-family home is definitely going to be the better option.


Finding the perfect home for you and your family means that you also need to take the community of the house into consideration. While neighborhoods with single-family homes will definitely have some type of community to offer, townhomes are built with a community at the heart of the design.

When you look at a townhome community, you are likely to find amenities like a swimming pool, playground, clubhouse, workout room, and the like. If these are things that you would like to enjoy in your neighborhood, a townhome might be the better option of the two.

Yard Size

Another significant difference between townhomes and single-family homes will be the size of the yard that comes with the property. Given that a townhome is a combination of two properties in one structure, you can count on having to split the size of the lot as well. This means that most townhomes will have smaller yards if they have any yard at all.

When you have animals or children that are going to need some extra room to run around, the size of the yard that comes with the property is essential. In those instances, it might be in better interest to look for a single-family home that will come with a yard all to yourself.

Overall Cost

A significant thing that needs to be considered when purchasing a home is the total cost. If you’re sticking to a set budget, then it’s good to find an option that is going to fall within your limits. In most instances, townhomes are going to be the more affordable option of the two. If, however, the points that we’ve listed above are more important to you than the overall cost, a single-family home may be worth it.

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