15 Different Types of Wood Flooring Part 1

Wood Flooring Options for Your Home

It is no secret that wood flooring is in high demand right now. Millions of homeowners are demanding that their floors are made with wood. Why? The wood flooring installed in many homes is often sleek, easy to clean, and is able to withstand various levels of indoor temperatures. Because of this, wood is very desirable, especially inside your home and in your kitchen. With this being said, there is a wide range of different wood flooring you could install. There isn’t just one type of tree, after all. Instead, there are over 15 different wood options for your home.

In this blog, we will be going over each of the different types of wood options at your disposal. We hope that by viewing this guide, you will have a better opportunity to view all of your options and choose the right one for your home.

Why Is Wood Right?

Wood can be an incredible flooring option, especially if you enjoy the natural aesthetic it offers. Not only that, but wood flooring complements every well with almost any type of cabinetry or color of furnishing. This means that wood flooring is by far the most amenable flooring option that is available. With this being said, wood flooring can have its drawbacks too. For instance, wood flooring, depending on the type of wood and finish you install, can be fragile. Heavy traffic, water, and pet marks can all factor into the eventual degradation of your wood floors.

We don’t tell you this to deter you from choosing wood flooring, however, if you have a large family or many pets, perhaps delicate wood flooring isn’t ideal. And, if you simply must have the aesthetic of real wood, you can opt for a sturdier wood flooring option or choose a vinyl or laminate floor panels.

The List of Wood Flooring Options

Listed below are 15 different wood flooring options. Be sure to read about the flooring you are interested to determine how long it lasts, if it is durable, and how to maintain it.

• Cherry
• Maple
• Oak
• Walnut
• Hickory
• Ash
• Douglas Fir
• Teak
• Birch
• Mahogany
• Tigerwood
• Alder
• Pine
• Poplar
• Ebony

By seeing this official list, you will be able to see what types of wood are available to you for your home’s floors. At UrbanLux Builders, we are happy to offer our customers with incredible wood flooring option. All you have to do is decide which floors you want, and we install them for you!


Cherry wood is one of the most popular wood flooring options. Why? One of the reasons so many people enjoy the look of wood flooring is that it offers added color to your kitchen and makes your kitchen cabinets pop. Cherry wood is an ideal type of flooring because it not only a darker color of wood, but it offers a unique cherry-color to your floors. This can be beneficial as your kitchen will have an unmistakable red-hue to the floors.

Before installing this flooring option, you must know that this is a very soft hardwood. This means that if you have large pets with claws, your floor will suffer greatly. It is recommended that if you have this type of floor that you do not wear your shoes indoors. Instead, you should probably leave your shoes at the front doors.

Cherry wood also doesn’t withstand sun very well. If this type of wood comes into contact with direct sunlight for extended periods of time the color of the wood could fade or become damaged.


Maple is a light-colored flooring option and is ideal in kitchens with white cabinetry. This is one of the most durable species of wood flooring available. Because maple can withstand heavy abuse, if you have many children, this floor will be able to hold up for many years. Not only this, but because it is so durable, it can also last many years without becoming too heavily scratched. This type of wood is so sturdy, in fact, that many people stain this type of wood to mimic other wood species. This means that if you desire one type of wood, for instance cherry wood, but don’t have the patience to maintain it, staining maple is also an option for you.


Oak has a classic look to it and goes well with any type of cabinetry. One of the most beneficial qualities to oak flooring is that it gives off a warm honey-colored hue. Of course, this hue can change based on the type of oak you purchase. For instance, there are two types of oak wood flooring to choose from; red and white oak. Red oak is much lighter and has a reddish-color. White oak has a more neutral color and is more grey than brown in color.

Oak is a durable wood, just like maple is. The only difference between them is that oak is by far more susceptible to scratches and scuffs. If you have a large dog, it is best not to choose this type of flooring. Though the color might be enticing, this type of wood does not handle paws or claws very well.


Walnut offers a rich brown color to your floors. Whether you desire dark or light wood accenting in your home, walnut flooring works well to complement any design or color. Walnut is much like Cherry wood, in that, it is a soft wood. Walnut does not handle water or heat very well. Though it is a soft wood, it has a high resistance to light damage. So, if you have a sunny kitchen, direct sunlight won’t destroy your kitchen flooring.


Hickory is a flooring you won’t see very often in homes, but has unmistakable markings and beneficial features. Hickory wood is lightly colored and has various swirls of darker markings. Though this flooring option is lightly-colored, it is extremely durable. Of all the wood selections, Hickory is by far the strongest and most durable. This type of wood can handle kids, pets, foot-traffic, sun, water, and so much more.

The downside?

Well, as the saying goes, “Sometimes our strengths can become our weaknesses.”
Because Hickory wood is so strong, it can be difficult to cut and manufacture into straight and clean panels. Since it is more difficult to install, it is a bit pricier than other flooring options. If you don’t mind paying a little extra for a flooring option that could last you a lifetime, Hickory is ideal.


For homeowners that want a unique flooring option, Ash wood is a premier choice. This type of wood offers a combination of dark wood mixed with darker swirls of color. The wood still features that common brown wood grain, yet also features dark swirls and marks.

Ash wood has an average hardness rating. It isn’t strong enough to handle anything, but strong enough to withstand scratches and scuffs. One of the major drawbacks with this type of wood is that it can get dirty very quickly. Because it is a lighter wood, dirty and debris shows up much more, which means that you will have to clean this floor much more often.

Douglas Fir

If you crave uniformity, Douglas Fir wood has what you need. This type of wood is known for being very uniform from plank-to-plank. No matter how the tree or plank is cut, Douglas Fir offers the same color and markings on every plank. This type of flooring option offers a more orange-color and gives off a rustic aesthetic. If you would like to style your home with a rustic theme, Douglas Fir is a great way to do so.

Before you install this type of wood, you must know that it is the softest of all woods. This means that you should not walk with your shoes on this type of wood. Also, children and pets do not mix well with this type of wood; it scratches, scuffs, and marks very easily.


Teak is a very strong wood — one of the strongest available. This type of wood can handle massive amounts foot-traffic from people and pets, without a scratch! This flooring option offers very exotic markings and colors, which will make your floor a remarkable feature in your home.
Teak naturally has a shine and finish that is unmatched by any other wood. Because of this, however, you can choose to place a stain or varnish on the wood or leave it to age naturally. Though the overall look of teak is beautiful and it is very strong, it is very high-maintenance. With great power and strength, comes great responsibility; you will have to care for your teak floors very well. Every few years, you will need to oil up your teak floors in order to replenish its natural beauty. This application can be complex and expensive, so keep this in mind!


Birch is one of the most affordable wood flooring options available to you. This type of hardwood floor has a great functionality and style rating. Instead of sacrificing style for durability, birch offers a light wood color that is also incredibly resilient. If you would like strong, lightly colored floors, Birch wood is by far your optimal choice!

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