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Trends in Custom Home Building, Part 3

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UrbanLUX Builders offers the best custom homes in San Antonio. With the best neighborhoods, floor plans, and options, we stand head and shoulders above our competition. We involve you in every step of the home building process, ensuring that if you don’t like something, we can correct it immediately so there are no unnecessary delays… read more

More About Our Pure Wellness Program

For most people, health and wellness are a huge priority. Many of us strive to eat healthy and exercise often to achieve our health goals. However, we don’t always consider how our living environment can affect our health. In reality, we should consider our homes a huge component of our health and wellness efforts, as… read more

Trends in Custom Home Building, Part 2

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When you decide to build a custom home in San Antonio, you not only want a custom home that has everything that you’ve ever dreamed of in it, but you also want a custom home with all of the latest gadgets, updates, looks, appliances, technology, eco-friendliness, and the like. You want a luxury home that… read more

Comparing Our Custom Home Communities

Finding the perfect home in the perfect location can be a challenge. Like most people, you probably have a list of home features that you want and need as well as an ideal location. Both of these components are important, as you need to feel comfortable in both your home and your neighborhood. However, it… read more

How to Optimize Each Room in Your Custom Home

In past blogs, we’ve discussed topics such as the pros and cons of open home layouts versus closed layouts, trends to include in your custom-built home, and the benefits of different renovations. No matter your home layout, square footage, or personal style, there are certain ways you can maximize the functionality and enjoyability of your… read more