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8 San Antonio New Construction Upgrades Worth Getting

One of the many amazing things about purchasing new construction homes is the ability to choose different aspects of your house and truly make it your own. New construction also comes with lots of decisions for you to make. While we would all LOVE to have an unlimited budget and include everything we want into… read more

5 Benefits of Living In San Antonio’s New Home Communities

When you’re looking for new homes in San Antonio, there is certainly no shortage of options. But beyond the home itself, you should consider just exactly where you want to live — not only the location but the type of neighborhood and community. New home communities are a fantastic place to purchase your home in… read more

Myths of Custom Home Building, Part 1

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All your life you’ve wanted a custom home. After all, who wouldn’t want their walk-in closet to be truly a closet you can walk around in, their kitchen island to have a sink, and their basement to have room to put their gym equipment? With custom homes, the sky is the limit. However, many people… read more

7 Ways to Save Money When Buying a House in San Antonio

Buying a house in San Antonio is going to be expensive compared to most anything you purchase in life. There’s just no way around that if you plan on buying anything of decent quality. But homes also provide a great opportunity to gain a return on your investment! However, there are ways to ensure you… read more