5 San Antonio New Construction Upgrades NOT Worth Getting

One of the many amazing things about purchasing new construction homes is the ability to choose different aspects of your house and truly make it your own. New construction also comes with lots of decisions for you to make.

While we would all LOVE to have an unlimited budget and include everything we want into our custom homes, the reality is that there are several hard choices to make. Everybody values different things when building a house and it’s important that you prioritize what is most valuable to you and your family throughout the new construction process.

As one of San Antonio’s premier home builders, UrbanLUX Builders works closely with you throughout the new construction process, ensuring the experience is enjoyable, understandable and, of course, affordable. Selecting upgrades for your new construction home is an awesome part of the whole process, but there are definitely better places to spend your budget and areas you really do NOT need to spend money now.

Today, we will take a look at five of the new construction upgrades we often find are NOT worth getting for your custom home. Obviously, each person and every house is different and your personal preferences go a long way in which upgrades you choose, so certainly do not take these suggestions as iron-glad do’s or don’ts.

Rather, these are general suggestions we feel are not worth the money — at least for now — for many of our valued customers based on our experience over the years. To learn more about building with UrbanLUX builders, our new home communities and more, please do not hesitate to contact us today!

1. Light Fixtures

As with any of these suggestions, some may not agree and that is perfectly OK! However, when it comes to deciding which upgrades to include in your new construction home one of the first places to pass if you are trying to stay within your budget it lighting fixtures. While there are many upgraded fixtures available through the builder, upgrading light fixtures is something you can do on your own relatively easily and for a better price if you are willing to take on the task.

You can look for lighting fixtures online that fit your tastes beyond what the builder has to offer and typically for a better pricepoint. Quality builders such as UrbanLUX Builders include nice light fixtures as a standard, so you will not be disappointed by saving your money in this area.

2. Crown Molding

Crown molding undoubtedly adds an elegant and finishing touch to your walls and cabinets, and if you have the room in your budget for it, you should definitely go for it. However, if you’re on a tighter budget, crown molding does not typically make sense as an upgrade you choose. Adding crown molding can be a pricer upgrade depending on how much of it you need for your new build home.

Just because you do not add it now during the new construction phase does not mean you cannot decide to add crown molding to your cabinets or walls later on. For the most part, crown molding can be added in the future with relative ease and is essentially an aesthetic-only upgrade to your house. Some people love it, some think it is just OK and others hate the look, so it does not necessarily add anything to the resale value of your home.

3. Real Wood Floors

This might be the most “controversial” suggestions of them all, but hear us out. Real wood floors are extremely expensive to add to your new construction home or at any time in the future. Plus, real wood floors require a lot of work and maintenance to maintain appearance and integrity. Instead, consider going with laminate flooring, which has made great strides over the years.

These days, laminate wood flooring looks just like real hardwood floors, but it is significantly more durable and affordable. Laminate flooring is scratch-resistant and water-resistant, meaning you have less worry about dragging or spills. When you think about it, your investment in laminate wood flooring provides a longer lifespan, greater ease of care and superior durability — all without having to sacrifice the overall look of the space. Kind of a no-brainer if you ask us.

4. Master Bedroom Bump Out

Everyone wants a large master bedroom. The master bedroom is usually the second-most important room in the house (behind the kitchen) for most buyers. So, you would think that means bumping up the square footage, right? In fact, additions to the master bedroom actually add the least value of all the common improvements you can make to your home’s space.

Again, any upgrades to the structural aspects of your new build home are going to cost the most, so if you really want a bigger master bedroom, simply choose a house with a floorplan that includes a larger master bedroom!

5. Marble Countertops

Countertops are an extremely popular aspect of your new construction home to upgrade and for good reason. They are very noticeable in your house’s kitchen, which is the most important space in your home as it is the focal point. However, not all kitchen countertop upgrades are equal or worth it.

Marble countertops have been a trendy option for several years now, but it really is usually a poor investment. Marble is incredibly porous, meaning it chips and stains easily, which is not something you want to deal with, especially after you forked over a decent chunk of your budget to upgrade the kitchen countertops. Spills in the kitchen are common, so the headache is not worth the risk. If you really want to improve the look and quality of your kitchen countertops, go with quartz (NOTt granite) instead. It can be pricier, but it is also nearly indestructible.

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