8 San Antonio New Construction Upgrades Worth Getting

One of the many amazing things about purchasing new construction homes is the ability to choose different aspects of your house and truly make it your own. New construction also comes with lots of decisions for you to make.

While we would all LOVE to have an unlimited budget and include everything we want into our custom homes, the reality is that there are several hard choices to make. Everybody values different things when building a house and it’s important that you prioritize what is most valuable to you and your family throughout the new construction process.

As one of San Antonio’s premier home builders, UrbanLUX Builders works closely with you throughout the new construction process, ensuring the experience is enjoyable, understandable and, of course, affordable. Selecting upgrades for your new construction home is an awesome part of the whole process, but there are definitely better places to spend your budget.

Today, we will take a look at eight of the new construction upgrades we often find worth getting for your custom home. Obviously, each person and every house is different and your personal preferences go a long way in which upgrades you choose, so certainly do not take these suggestions as iron-glad do’s or don’ts.

Rather, these are general suggestions we feel work best for many of our valued customers based on our experience over the years. To learn more about building with UrbanLUX builders, our new home communities and more, please do not hesitate to contact us today!

1. More Lighting

When it comes to the electrical and lighting elements of your new construction home, it is far better to spring for those upgrades now compared to later. Electrical work can be extremely dangerous for untrained DIYers, and clearly, it is easier to add additional lighting while the custom house is being built rather than after it is completed.

Naturally, your new construction home will come with lighting, but you can really never have too much light in your house. Make your money go the furthest by adding additional lighting to the rooms that can use it most such as the kitchen and bathrooms. Lighting is functional and adds brightness and warmth to any space. While an abundance of light may not be obvious to a potential buyer down the road, a lack of lighting certainly will and could be a deal-breaker.

2. The Kitchen

It is safe to say that in a modern house no room is more important than the kitchen. A home’s kitchen is the focal point and is one of the spaces you will spend the most time in over the years. And if you plan or decide to sell your house one day, the kitchen will undoubtedly be the first place potential buyers turn their eyes toward. A great kitchen makes your house worth buying and goes a long way to you enjoying it while you live there as well.

There are plenty of areas in which you can spend money on upgrades and some of those upgrades are certainly pricier than others. Do not feel like you need to spring for every single available upgrade. Instead, be smart and strategic in how you spend your budget on the kitchen (avoid upgraded appliances, for example).

Kitchen upgrades worth investing in include things like taller cabinets or simply more cabinet space. Additional lighting goes a long way in the kitchen (see above) and features like an island, deep sink and quartz or granite countertops are desirable to potential buyers and your home’s resale value.

3. Deeper Basement

Practically any change to the structural aspects of your new construction home is going to be on the pricier end, however, one of the bigger investments that could be worth it to you is a deeper basement. An extra foot or so of height in your basement can help its space feel more open and usable. It is especially worth it if your new build home’s basement is unfinished and you plan to finish it in the future.

4. Energy Efficiency

There are far more costs to consider when owning a home than just the mortgage payment. Energy efficiency can go a long way in reducing your monthly utility bills, especially if you have large square footage. Many new homes — including custom homes from UrbanLUX Builders — are built with energy efficiency at the forefront, using modern technology and materials to ensure an efficient home. Yet, if you’re looking for additional ways to improve your home’s energy savings, consider upgrading your windows, space heating and cooling systems, water heater, appliances and more.

Investing in energy efficiency allows your home to do more of the work when it comes to heating and cooling, reducing the strain on your monthly utility bills. And as a bonus, you are doing your part to help the environment as well!

5. Bigger Garage

Nobody in history has ever complained about their garage being too big. On the other hand, a garage that is too small is a major annoyance. While a bigger garage is not always an available upgrade option (depending on your lot size and the community), if you can, opting for a larger garage is a worthy investment. Bigger garages allow for more storage space for your vehicles and beyond, improving its functionality. You can also get creative with your extra garage space and effectively increase the livable space of your home, which goes a long way when it comes time to sell.

6. Roughed-In Plumbing For Additional Bathrooms

If your new construction home is including an unfinished basement, then this upgrade is worth it to you. Having your builder rough-in plumbing for either a full or half bathroom enables you to add an additional bathroom to your house if you plan to eventually finish the basement. More bathrooms greatly increase your resale value, plus, even if you do not finish the basement before selling, the next owner may want to themselves.

7. Carpet Padding

While spending money on a higher level of carpet might not be worth it depending on your situation (pets, kids, etc.), upgrading the carpet padding can be a cost-effective upgrade that provides value to the home. Upgraded carpet padding will make your carpet feel cushier and more pleasant to walk on, even if you do not splurge on the fancier carpet itself.

8. Innovative Storage Options

Storage is another one of those extremely valuable aspects of your home when it comes to its resale value and attractiveness to potential buyers. Storage is valued for good reason because it becomes more obvious the less of it you have. Storage adds to the everyday functionality of the house and is one of those things that can be difficult and expensive to add later.

You can of course potentially add storage to the structural aspects of the house for a custom-built home, but for locked in floorplans, consider investing in upgrades such as built-in cabinet organizers, pull-out trash and recycling bins and other innovative storage options that make sense for your new build home.

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