The Case for Closed Floor Plans

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Open floor plans have been all the rage since the 1990s, with most modern homes being built with open floor plans. Frank Lloyd Wright, an American architect, is largely credited with building upon the open floor plans in the 1880s and popularizing them when he centralized the kitchen instead of having it be at the… read more

How to Make Your Home Healthy

Building a custom home comes with a lot of unique opportunities. You are able to choose the materials, paint, finishes, decorations, and all of the elements of the home that make it beautiful. You can choose a floor plan that suits your family’s needs. You can also choose the location where your beautiful new home… read more

Advantages of an Open Floor Plan

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Open floor plans are desired by most homeowners today. However, it wasn’t that long ago that an open floor plan was unheard of. In our last blog post, we took a look at some of the history of open floor plans and how homes have evolved over the centuries to become the homes of today.… read more

Community Spotlight: The Overlook at Boerne

At UrbanLUX Builders in the San Antonio area, we thrive on combining the beauty of custom-built homes with the immeasurable value of a safe and quiet community. One of our most popular communities, The Overlook at Boerne, accomplishes this goal perfectly. In this community, you can choose your ideal floor plan, live in our custom-built… read more

History of an Open Floor Plan

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There are many ways to build and design a home — so many, in fact, that every home built could be unique! For instance, many people love having their bedrooms on the main floor and a huge open loft area on the upper floor. However, others prefer to have their bedrooms on the upper floor… read more

The Benefits of A Custom Bathroom

One of the most exciting parts of buying a custom-built home is the brand-new bathroom. That may seem odd, as the bathroom is often viewed as a purely functional room, but there are many benefits to a custom-built bathroom. The bathroom can be seen as a place to relax and retreat, not just to get… read more

Trends in Custom Home Building, Part 3

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UrbanLUX Builders offers the best custom homes in San Antonio. With the best neighborhoods, floor plans, and options, we stand head and shoulders above our competition. We involve you in every step of the home building process, ensuring that if you don’t like something, we can correct it immediately so there are no unnecessary delays… read more

More About Our Pure Wellness Program

For most people, health and wellness are a huge priority. Many of us strive to eat healthy and exercise often to achieve our health goals. However, we don’t always consider how our living environment can affect our health. In reality, we should consider our homes a huge component of our health and wellness efforts, as… read more

Trends in Custom Home Building, Part 2

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When you decide to build a custom home in San Antonio, you not only want a custom home that has everything that you’ve ever dreamed of in it, but you also want a custom home with all of the latest gadgets, updates, looks, appliances, technology, eco-friendliness, and the like. You want a luxury home that… read more