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Welcome to San Antonio! You’ve chosen a delightful and lovely community to settle down in. You’ve probably always had a vision since you were younger of how you wanted your house to look both on the outside and inside. We have great news! Now that you’re an adult, you not only get a house of your own but you also get to decorate it however you’d like to. In our blog we share ideas about not only building your home but also the ways that we can help you personalize it. Do you love vegetables? As your building contractors, we’ll make you space for a garden in the backyard! You name it and we’ll help you realize it.

What’s a Passive Home?

passive home urbanlux builders san antonio

Many people think of passive negatively. After all, we’re Americans; we’re supposed to take charge in situations and be independent, active thinkers. Yet, when we talk about passive in terms of custom home building, passive can be defined as anything but negative. In fact, passive homes may be the wave of the future. UrbanLUX Builders… read more

Advantages of an Open Floor Plan

open floor plans urbanlux builders san antonio

Open floor plans are desired by most homeowners today. However, it wasn’t that long ago that an open floor plan was unheard of. In our last blog post, we took a look at some of the history of open floor plans and how homes have evolved over the centuries to become the homes of today.… read more

Comparing Our Custom Home Communities

Finding the perfect home in the perfect location can be a challenge. Like most people, you probably have a list of home features that you want and need as well as an ideal location. Both of these components are important, as you need to feel comfortable in both your home and your neighborhood. However, it… read more

The Advantages to Living in the Country: The Canyons at Scenic Loop, Part 2

country living urbanlux builders the canyons at scenic loop

The number of people living in rural areas in the United States continues to decline. In the 2010 census, the United States had 19.3 percent of the population living in the country, but rural areas are defined at 97 percent of the landmass of the United States. Traditionally, most people have left the countryside for… read more

Smart Home Additions to Your Custom Home

smart home technology options urbanlux builders san antonio

The world is changing more so now than it ever has before. Think back to when you were a kid (even if you’re not that old). From rotary phone and clunky computers that required off code commands to operate, technology has increased by more than leaps and bounds. Now, almost everything you could possibly want… read more

Choosing a Custom Retirement Home, Part 2

choosing custom retirement home urbanlux builders san antonio

Let’s be honest, building a custom home is exciting and fun. You get to choose everything you’ve always wanted in a home, and when it’s done, it’s exactly what you’ve wanted, from a media room and a sauna to a swimming pool or a huge luxury kitchen with an island. As you enter your retirement… read more

History Of Customized Homes In America

The history of the custom home runs deep in American architecture. Just how deep? Let’s find out! Pattern Books What is a “pattern book”? That’s a great question! In the field of architecture, a pattern book is a collection of design that allowed builders and clients to have a basis for what they want before… read more