Choosing a Custom Retirement Home

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There are many things to consider as you get close to retirement. For one, what will you do with all of your spare time? For some, this is easy; they’ve been planning retirement freedom for years. Others, especially those who love their jobs, may find retirement difficult at first.

Between dealing with all of the emotions and life changes that come along with retirement, there are also a lot of important decisions to be made, one being where will you live for the rest of your years. Many choose to move closer to their adult children and grandchildren, or some choose to stay in the same community, but move to a different house. Some dream of owning a custom home near San Antonio, one that fits their needs perfectly.

UrbanLUX Builders is a home building contractor in San Antonio. We specialize in custom homes that are built with the best materials and are held to our high quality standards. Everything in our homes is built with your needs and desires in mind, with a goal of making your home as comfortable and functional as possible. For example, our kitchens are made so everything you need is right at your fingertips. You won’t have to deal with cramped quarters and an inability to find what you need anymore. All of our custom homes in our San Antonio communities ooze of style and grace. Below, we’ll discuss some of the elements you should include in your custom retirement home. Contact us today to get started!


Single Story

When investing in a home building contractor for retirement, you’ll want to ensure your custom home is built with the idea of you aging, meaning your home still needs to be functional for you the same at the age of 80 as at the age of 60. That being said, single story homes are the most functional as you age. This eliminates the risk of falling down the stairs and of climbing up the stairs. While we all like to think this won’t be a problem as we age, the fact of the matter is that we don’t know what our bodies will do in the future. Thus, it’s best to plan for the worst and hope for the best. It’s also a good idea to have as little steps as possible going into the home. This may be a garage entrance if you still want a nice front porch to sit out on. When you are carrying groceries into the home, you don’t want to trip over a step you can’t see. UrbanLUX offers custom homes in all of our San Antonio communities that are single story designs.

Open Floor Plan

An open floor plan is an essential element as you retire. Again, not knowing what your body will do in the future, it’s best to plan a home that is wheelchair and walker accessible. This means that doorways should be at least 32 inches wide and hallways should be 36 inches wide. The beauty of a custom home is that you can ensure these parameters are met.


Many falls occur in the bathroom (and not just for seniors). This is because of the fact that there is water on the floor and water in the bathtub, which makes for a slippery surface. Grab bars should be considered in both your bathtub and near the toilet for safety reasons. These will require reinforced walls, which, when you partner with a home building contractor in San Antonio, this can be added during the building phase. Flush seating and a seat in the shower are great ideas, as well as non-slip flooring options that are better than your standard tile flooring in bathrooms.

Pull-Out Shelving

As you age, bending and stooping will become increasingly harder. Besides, no one likes doing that even when they can. One of the many benefits to a custom home builder is being able to add in these elements before you move in, rather than afterwards during a home remodel. Pull-out shelving should be installed in the lower cabinets of your kitchen, as well as in your closets around your custom home, from your bedroom closet to the coat closet. You’ll be amazed at how much easier these shelves will make your life, especially as you age.


Traditionally, when you retire, you would choose a smaller home or maybe even an apartment, something with less maintenance. However, that trend is changing as those who downsized realized quickly that they felt cramped in their smaller home. Furthermore, they didn’t have the space for when family came to visit for them to stay. Plus, there were items they had always wanted in a home, such as a huge kitchen to host family gatherings and have a nice, comfortable Thanksgiving meal in. More people are building their retirement homes with all of the amenities they put off while raising their children. After all, the purpose of a retirement home is convenience and comfort, which choosing everything you’ve always wanted with the space you need is top on most people’s retirement home list. 

Whether you choose a custom home built for you, or you choose one of our already built custom homes that are ready for immediate move-in, UrbanLUX has the home for you. We offer great communities in the San Antonio area, with great floor plans. You can choose from a townhome or a single story home, as well as multiple storied homes with the bedrooms on the ground level. With a home building contractor, you can have the retirement home of your dreams.

The best way to choose a retirement home from UrbanLux Builders is to visit our communities and see our model homes in person. That way, you’ll get a feel for the community, the neighborhood, and you can picture yourself inside our homes. You’ll also be able to speak to one of our amazing custom home specialists how can answer all of your questions and tell you all of the possibilities for your custom home near San Antonio. We invite you to visit us today!

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