Finding Boerne’s Good Eats

“Yeah, there’s so much history in these streets/And mama’s good eats/Oh Wonder on repeat/There’s so much history in my head/The people I’ve left/The ones that I’ve kept/ [ . . . ] Can’t replace my blood/Yeah, it seems I’m never letting go/Of suburbia. . .”

As Troye Sivan croons in his fan favorite song, Suburbia, a huge part of living in the suburbs is knowing all of “mama’s good eats.” This musical love letter to his hometown in Western Australia may be personal to him, but across the world, it means something to anyone who grew up in small town suburbs.


What’s growing up in the suburbs like? Living in suburbia is being able to play six degrees of separation with anyone you meet, knowing all your local cops by name, and adding your own history to the seemingly inescapable town. As you get older you’ll most likely be skipping classes from the same teacher who taught your older brother, hanging out around the same park you played as a child, and hitting the same food joints over and over. Living in the suburbs also means that it makes sense to go anywhere within an hour’s drive time — in a vain effort to get some variety into a tired routine.

Good Eats

There’s no denying, good food is good food. When you live in suburbia and you’ve exhausted the culinary menu of your mom’s kitchen (and your best friend’s mom’s kitchen), it’s time to go out to eat.

If you’re looking to stay close and not leave Boerne, we highly suggest these two warm, welcoming, delicious meal spots.

  • Welfare Cafe | Boerne, Tx — known for their eclectic restaurant and German-inspired local fare.
  • Little Gretel Restaurant | Boerne, Tx — a charming European dining room on the riverfront with German food.

A quick hop, skip, and a jump from Boerne, you can eat at these delicious restaurants on the outskirts of town. Yum!

  • Billy Gene’s | Kerrville, Tx — a riverside restaurant with a Hill Country/American menu.
  • Alamo Springs Cafe | Fredericksburg, Tx — a good ol’ fashioned American burger joint known for their mouthwatering patties.
  • Redbud Cafe | Blanco, Tx — a cozy cafe with fresh salads and tasty baked goods.

An hour may seem like a long way to drive but we promise these mastication destinations are well worth the extra time in the car.

  • Cooper’s Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que | New Braunfels, Tx — a popular Texan chain that’s famous for being former President George W Bush’s favorite barbecue.
  • Love Creek Orchards | Medina, Tx — these orchards are a great day trip to pick apples, and grab a bite in the orchard house for some apple pie and other apple foods.
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The Overlook At Boerne

If you’re hesitant to move into one of our custom homes in Boerne, don’t be! Not only is the Overlook at Boerne a safe, comfortable, beautiful neighborhood, but it’s also surrounded by stunning scenery and delicious food. Sounds like the perfect home to us! If you’re interested, contact us today.

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