Getting To Know Boerne: A Brief History

Taking it back more than 110 years to 1909, we find the hard working and inspired Forty-Eighters who founded what we know and love today as Boerne, TX. Though officially incorporated in 1909, the Forty-Eighters had moved to and begun to establish the area around 1850 after Europe experienced a series of revolutions.

The folks who moved to what is known now as Boerne were considered free thinkers and were referred to as intellectual liberal abolitionists. This group established this area of the Texas Hill Country just a stone’s throw away from Cibolo Creek.

The intellectual conversations fueled the founding community. Science. Philosophy. Literature. Music. This set the residents of Boerne up for the modern-day successes that propel the community forward today.

This group was originally organized and funded by the Adelsverein, a colonial group that dreamed of building a new Germany within Texas. Though the group ultimately lost funding, the German history is rich and bountiful in Boerne today.

Like most of the West, the economic boom started in Boerne when the railroad came to town. The San Antonio and Aransas Pass Railway connected the growing metropolis of San Antonio to the Texas Gulf. It created better living conditions for the town because it established work and carried goods to and from Boerne.

Following the railroad boom, the next thing to capture attention and growth was the healthcare industry, something that is still true for today. Known as something of a healthcare resort town, Boerne established a few medical facilities over the beginning years, including a Veterans Association facility to treat patients who incurred lung ailments during World War I. Today, the healthcare industry is the top employment industry in Boerne.

Kicking it back to their artistic and musical roots, the “Oldest Continuously Organized German Band in the World outside Germany” maintains a decades-long tradition of creating and performing German music. About 20 years ago, there was an official recognition of the Band as a cultural extension of Germany in Texas and in the U.S.

What we can observe from our history to take into our present and future is that the legacy in Boerne is one of hard working individuals who also liked to celebrate both the technical and artistic ways of life.

Today, Boerne is a part of the Greater San Antonio area. It’s a place where about 13,000 people call home, people from all walks of life. It is one of the wealthiest suburbs of San Antonio. Some people live and work in Boerne, while others are able to escape to Boerne for life outside of work.

Everyone in the community consistently works hard to maintain our well-rounded culture that has been shaped by those who have come before us. And we are proud to help sustain the growth of our beloved city.

UrbanLUX Builders is developing and building a custom home neighborhood in Boerne, called The Overlook. Featuring four different floor plans, this townhome community gives many people a perfect blend between independent and community living — staples of our history.

We welcome you to join us this spring, learn more about our community, and purchase a brand new, luxury townhome in Boerne so that you, too, may become a part of our history.

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