Hill Country State Parks

Howdy, welcome to the best part of Texas — Hill Country!

In Hill Country Texas, our residents and our visitors come for the scenery and stay for the scenery. It’s a gorgeous, picturesque landscape with sprawling fields, tall trees, refreshing bodies of water, and cool caverns make it hard to find the will to leave.

Before you move into one of our equally gorgeous townhomes, let’s talk about some of the state parks we’re proud to call our own.

Garner State Park

This beautiful park in Concan, Texas is a must see. It’s unreasonably priced, in that $8 is much too little to charge for the incredible, life-changing experiences available. The campsite is camper friendly and we highly suggest packing up the tent, the dog, and a six-pack of your favorite drink and spending the weekend out in the fresh air. The Frio River is open to swimmers, boaters, and tubers for a relaxing dip in the pure, natural water. The park has been home to jukebox dancing since the 1940’s! No age or skill requirements, if you can move your feet then you can dance! If you’re looking for something new and unique to do with your family, we suggest renting a treehouse over the river and living out your Swiss Family Robinson dreams.

Lost Maples State Park

If you’re coming from a place where the seasons never changed, you’ll definitely want to check out this park in the Autumn. The maples are known for their vibrant, rich, deep orange, reds, and yellows during the crisp September season. The scenic hikes and colorful wildflowers make this two hour drive from San Antonio well worth the time in the car.

Colorado Bend State Park

Instead of driving two hours from San Antonio, how about driving two hours from Austin into untouched Texan wilderness? A park dedicated to the rural area surrounding the Colorado River and the Colorado Bend is a true, gritty, natural experience. Get dirty and roll around in the mud taking a guided tour of one of our favorite caves. Or, if you wanna check “hike to a waterfall” off your bucket list, dedicate a day to hike up rocky trails to the well-known, 70 foot tall, Gorman Falls!

Enchanted Rock State Natural Area

Don’t let the long name fool you, this nature area is stunning and well worth exploring for several hours. Just outside of Fredericksburg, this granite dome offers spectacular views of the mid-Texan landscape. Not to mention, there’s tons to do in Fredericksburg between exploring museums and other natural areas — there’s no shortage of activities to do in conjunction with the hiking around Enchanted Rock.

Urban LUX Builders

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