History of an Open Floor Plan

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There are many ways to build and design a home — so many, in fact, that every home built could be unique! For instance, many people love having their bedrooms on the main floor and a huge open loft area on the upper floor. However, others prefer to have their bedrooms on the upper floor and use their main floor for more areas to entertain guests in. And that’s just the bedroom configuration!

UrbanLUX Builders is the best custom home builder in the San Antonio area. We offer custom homes in many emerging and trending neighborhoods, such as The Canyons at Scenic Loop and our communities in Boerne, just outside San Antonio. When you invest in a custom built home, you are able to have everything just how you like it. Below, we’ll go over how the concept of an open floor plan evolved in custom home building. Visit one of our neighborhoods near San Antonio today!


It wasn’t that long ago that the entire concept of an open floor plan did not exist. If you think about how homes have evolved, you will see why.

In the beginning of time, most homes consisted of just one room (unless you were of the ruling class). This one room was your bedroom, kitchen, and living room all rolled into one. There were no doors except the entry door, and you were lucky if you had a window. Slowly over time, as humans began to not only have more time due to technological innovations, but also because the average person’s income rose, homes began to be designed with more than one room. 

UrbanLUX Builders in San Antonio wants you to remember, however, that this was still a slow process and took centuries to evolve. One-room homes became two, and then a loft was added, and then another room was added, and so on and so forth. Finally, homes began to be optimal at around two to four bedrooms and two bathrooms with maybe a garage when people began to have cars (instead of a barn for horses) and maybe a basement for storage. However, the thinking remained compartmentalized with each room being separate from the others. So when did this mentality change?

The Beginning of the Open Floor Plan

Before World War II, most homes had a main hallway that all of the rest of the rooms in the home branched from, similar to a tree. Formality still reigned, and the kitchen was seen as a place for the maid, butler, and servants and was not a place to be seen. There were still specific rooms with specified purposes, such as a formal parlor for entertaining guests, a library for reading and studying, and bedrooms for sleeping. This held true up until the 1950s.

After World War II, the United States entered a period of immense growth and prosperity, and with men coming home for the war, families began to spring up everywhere. The need to watch the children began to bring the kitchen front and center as parents still cooked every meal and a lot of the time, from scratch. As our population grew, homes that spread out were now no longer viable for custom home builders, so the days of a separate library, study, den, and parlor went to the wayside in favor of more compact homes.

Another contributing factor to open floor plans that our team of custom home builders at UrbanLUX Builders in San Antonio wants to point out is the fact that home building materials were now better and more energy efficient, making it easier to support open floor plans. The advantages to open floor plans were catching on by the masses, and soon the desire for open floor plans would take center stage.


One of the benefits of choosing a custom home builder in San Antonio is that you have the opportunity to choose your floor plan. Needless to say, the overwhelming majority of home buyers list open floor plans as one of the top features they are looking for in a home.

Almost all of the homes that we build feature open floor plans prominently. For example, one of our most popular open floor plans is the Modern Farmhouse. This home features three bedrooms on the main floor that are close, but still separate from each other. Furthermore, the living room flows into the kitchen and the outdoor space seamlessly, making it ideal to host parties and raise your family. 

Another one of our popular floor plans is the Modern Prairie. Designed with all five bedrooms on the lower floor, this home was designed with growing families in mind. This open floor plan is great if you do not like climbing stairs and is perfect for entertaining. This floor plan is available on our five-plus acre lots.

UrbanLUX Builders in San Antonio understands that you want your home to be tailored to your needs. From one- and two-story homes to homes with room to spread out to homes with minimal landscape maintenance required, our homes and floor plans run the gamut in order to satisfy your desires in a custom home. When you partner with us as your luxury home builder of choice, you can rest assured that your home will fit you like a glove. Contact us today to get started!

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