Home Building Trends in the New Decade

One of the many benefits of building a custom home is that the home is entirely new to you. You never have to worry about moving into your new home and instantly hating the 90s-style lighting, carpet from the 80s, or wood paneling from the 70s. A custom home is tailored not just to your personal preferences but also to the current trends and design standards that keep things feeling new and fresh. Having just entered 2020, we are beginning to take note of the upcoming design and home building trends for this new decade. 

UrbanLUX Builders in the San Antonio area are experts in the newest trends for luxury custom home building. From our communities in Monteola, the Canyons at Scenic Loop, the Overlook at Boerne, and the Reserve at SaddleHorn, you can be sure that each home is built with the client and beautiful modern design in mind. 

Health and Wellness

It comes as no surprise that one of the most important trends for the upcoming decade will be a focus on health and wellness. Health and wellness are currently huge lifestyle trends. Since you live most of your life in your home, why not extend your health and wellness efforts to your custom home build?

UrbanLUX Builders understands the desire to make your home a space that positively contributes to you and your family’s health. That is why we partner with Pure Wellness Home to build the healthiest homes possible. That means that all UrbanLUX Builders new custom homes are a Certified Pure Wellness Home. We prioritize clean air and water with a home air purification system and a drinking water purification system. You can rest assured in your new home that the air and water your family consumes are clean and healthy. 

Flex or Multiple Purpose Spaces

One of the important trends for the new decade is the inclusion of flex or multi-purpose rooms. While the open floor plan is still generally the ideal layout, many people want to maintain the ability to have separate spaces if they want. Your home is used for so many purposes beyond eating and sleeping that it is ideal to have some flexibility in how you use your space. You may need a home office where you can avoid distractions from the rest of the home. Or, you may need ample space for storage, a playroom for kids, or space for home gym equipment. 

Your needs for your home are as unique and individual as you are. That’s why flex rooms or multipurpose rooms are so valuable. With UrbanLUX Builders custom homes, we design spaces that include rooms that can be used for a multitude of purposes. For example, if you want to use your loft space for storage, a home office, and a TV room, you certainly can. 

Zen Spaces

One of the room types that we believe people will be asking for more and more in the new decade is a room that is separate from distractions. These rooms can be considered “zen spaces”, where you can recharge without the noise and distractions that may be happening in the rest of your house. This space is not a home office dedicated to working or a TV room dedicated to entertainment, but rather a space to unwind, relax, and focus on yourself. A loft, second living room, or extra bedroom can serve as a zen space or an oasis in your home. 

Luxury Kitchens and Bathrooms

It’s no secret that the two rooms we tend to spend the most time in are the kitchen and the bathroom. In past decades, these spaces were sometimes designed from a more utilitarian perspective. These were necessary rooms in the home, but not rooms worth making beautiful.

In the new decade, we see this perspective changing. The kitchen and bathrooms are now an opportunity to display a luxurious, elegant design. Especially with open floor plans where the kitchen is more visible, the kitchen becomes a space for entertainment and socializing rather than just meal preparation. Similarly, bathrooms are no longer just a space where you get clean but an opportunity to relax and pamper yourself in your own home. Bathrooms that combine function and beauty will be an important trend in 2020 and beyond. 

High Ceilings

Similar to the concept of an open floor plan where you can see the horizontal flow of your home, a huge trend in the new decade will be high ceilings. Designs with high ceilings help your space to feel even more open with the additional vertical space. Your home will feel lighter and airier, while also allowing space for big, bold lighting design. Ultimately, high ceilings will make your space feel even bigger and more open than ever. 

Follow the Trends With UrbanLUX Custom Builders

UrbanLUX Builders have been building beautiful custom homes in San Antonio and the surrounding areas for over 20 years. We have always designed homes that successfully blend clients’ personal tastes with the best and newest trends and innovations in custom home building. Check out our floor plans, current home listings, and our communities for a full picture of what UrbanLUX Builders can do for you. If you have any questions about our custom home building process or would like to look into joining one of our communities, don’t hesitate to contact UrbanLUX Builders today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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