Home Features You Need When You Love to Entertain

Do you love to entertain? Entertaining in your home can be a lot of fun. Gathering your friends and family together, serving them delicious food and drinks, and letting relationships grow is something special. If you love to entertain, then you need to make sure that you have a home that works for it. As building contractors in the San Antonio area, we’ve seen both the good and the bad when it comes to features for home entertaining.

Must-Have Features for Entertaining

An open floor plan.

It’s hard to keep the party going or even to enjoy it when you are stuck in the kitchen, walled off from all of your friends and family. Open floors plans are great for allowing you to join in the fun while still attending to your guests’ needs. Plus, an open floor plan allows your guests to see each other, inviting more conversation and laughter.

What To Look For in a Floor Plan:

Look for floor plans that eliminate walls between the kitchen and family room. Floorplans that give you a straight view from the kitchen into the backyard are also especially helpful if you intend on doing any outdoor entertaining.

Outdoor living areas.

Entertaining isn’t just an indoor activity. Having an outdoor space for entertaining is such a wonderful thing! First of all, it’s easier to clean up after your guests. If something spills, it’s no problem, making outdoor entertaining ideal when you invite the kids along. Secondly, it gives your guests a second place to mingle, and options are always a good thing. And finally, there is something really great about gathering with friends under the big Texas night sky.

What To Look For in a Floor Plan:

Look to see if the floorplan includes any outside patio or porch areas. If it doesn’t, ask the building contractors if it’s possible to add one on.

A kitchen that can handle it.

Entertaining can put a lot of demand on your home, but nothing more so than the kitchen. Your kitchen is where your guests will often gather. It’s also where you’ll need to prepare all of the delicious food and beverages. Your kitchen needs to have all of the amenities necessary to handle this, including counter space, storage, and appliances.

What To Look For in a Floor Plan:

Make sure that any kitchen you look at has plenty of counter space; this is the first thing you’ll run out of when it comes to entertaining. Next, ask about the appliances that might be included. Make sure they meet your standards, and if they don’t, ask if you can upgrade them.

Plenty of storage space.

It’s not just the kitchen that needs storage. Entertaining can require you to have a number of items on hand, including extra seating, games for the kids, outdoor toys, special kitchen tools, serving trays, and even banners and decorations depending on the event. You’ll need a place to tuck it all when you are done, so you don’t have to live amongst the mess after your guests go home.

What To Look For in a Floor Plan:

Make note of any closets or storage spaces on the floorplan. It’s easy to forget about storage when you first look at a floorplan; your immediate concern is more likely to be whether or not there are enough bedrooms and if the kitchen is large enough. But pay close attention to the storage spaces available, or you may find that you outgrow the home a lot more quickly.

Some fun extras.

What makes your home special? What makes people want to gather there for special events? It’s the fun extras that bring people back time and again. It might be a comfortable guest bedroom, a swimming pool or spa, or even an amazing BBQ in the backyard.

What To Look For in a Floor Plan:

What does this floorplan offer that other homes might not? For instance, is there a space for an outdoor kitchen or room for a pool? Is there a guest bedroom that is convenient for overnight guests? Look for the extras and you’ll be sure to have a home that people love to come to for every occasion.

Here’s a Floorplan That We’d Recommend

If you are looking for a home that’s perfect for entertaining and will make your guests say “Wow!” then this Modern Farmhouse is the one that you need. Here is why it ticks all of the boxes:

  • Open floor plan from kitchen to family room and direct access to the outside areas. There is also a formal dining room next to the kitchen for your more formal events.
  • Amazing outdoor living space including an outdoor kitchen. This floor plan allows you to move the party outside with plenty of seating space as well as an outdoor kitchen that rivals many professional kitchens.
  • Storage galore. This home has all the storage you could need, with a generous pantry off of the kitchen, walk-in closets in three of the four bedrooms, and an upstairs loft space that is ideal for storing your family’s stuff.
  • Plenty of space for overnight guests. The four bedrooms are nicely spread out across the house, so each one feels wonderfully private. They all have access to a bathroom, as well, so no one will be waiting in the middle of the night.
  • This particular floor plan has space for a pool and spa, too! Now you can turn every party into a pool party.

Want to learn more about this floorplan or any of the others that we have to offer? Get in touch with our team. You can reach us by giving us a call or contacting us through our website and we’ll help you find the home that’s perfect for your family.

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