Lighting and Your Residential Construction

Shedding Some Light on House Construction

Whether you’re buy a home on the market, or you are building your home from scratch, it is important to utilize a lot of natural light. Providing your living space with light is important for two reasons; the first being that light makes it easier to see — obviously! The second, is that lighting can affect your mood and give you a more positive outlook about your home and your life.

Homes and Lighting

There is a major issue with most modern-built homes and the issue with lighting. In some, market homes, lighting is scarce and requires multiple lamps. Lamps and lite fans are nice, but they clutter your whole home. Not to mention, they can be a bit of an eye sore. For example, some lamps can be phenomenally beautiful and bring a room together — but have a hefty price tag! With natural light, you never have to worry about the look of too many lamps.

Artificial Lighting Hues

Lamps are a lot like people, everyone is different. When it comes to lighting, each lamp can give off a different type of light and apply different strengths of light. For example, fan lamps give off a very low, dim type of artificial light. This type of lighting can give off an orange-like hue to a room, which can be harsh on your eyes. Dimly lit rooms can also give off the appearance of being dirty or unkept. When you have bright lights in your house, you not only give your eyes a break, but you improve the overall look of your room.


Having a lot of lamps in your home can not only clutter your home with unnecessary lamp shades, but also bring in an overrun of irksome cords! Cords are by far the most annoying thing about lamps, especially if they are in a place with a lot of foot traffic. Lamp cords, though necessary for the lamp to run effectively, can be a hazard in your home. For instance, you could easily trip on a cord and fall, harming yourself or others. Also, when you trip on a cord, the impact of the fall often means the lamp itself will fall as well, resulting in everything on the table to collapse with it.
If you have a porcelain or a glass lamp, you can almost guarantee that you will come face-to-face with a shattered lamp. Lamps are not durable, so one fall could mean the end for your beloved lamp. Tripping on cords can also be a pain in your backside, because then you not only break your lamp, but you have to thoroughly clean your home for shards of broken pieces of glass and porcelain afterwards.

Natural Light Saves Money

Having natural light in your home saves you money. When you purchase multiple lamps, you have to account for how much the lamps were. If you buy a fashionable, delicate lamp, you would be spending upwards of $200 for a lamp. Not the mention, you still will have to pay for the bulbs once the original lights go out. And, on top of all those expenses, you will have to pay your electricity bill. Which, depending on how many lamps you have/need, and how many hours a day you are using these lights, your bill will be adjusted. So, if you live in a dimly lit home or apartment, you are probably dependent on many lamps, and thus, have a large electricity bill.

Better to Have Too Much Light

When it comes to homes, more light is always better. When you have more natural light, your home looks and feels more relaxing. Not only that, but you can save a lot of money on energy bills by depending on the sun’s natural light. Now, obviously you will still need to depend on some artificial lights for when the sun sets, however, still, for the entire day you come will look vibrant and comfortable.
Sometimes having too much light can have its downsides. For example, if you are trying to sleep in and the sun blares through your windows, that is a downside. But, the good news with too much light is that it can be easily blocked by window blinds. Whereas, if there is not enough light, the process to fix the problem is much more expensive and complicated.

UrbanLux Builders

In San Antonio, we are able to get receive a lot of exquisite sunlight. When it comes to building homes, UrbanLux Builders believes that natural light is always desirable in a home. Building your own home has a lot of perks, and one of them is you can decide how much natural light your home will get. Because of this, custom home owners are able to control how much light they get and where. This can obviously be advantageous if you would like to monitor your electricity bills. Building in a home in San Antonio is ideal in today’s market. If you are looking for a local house builder, UrbanLux Builders is more than happy to take on your project. Learn more about our company on our website today!

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