Popular Home Features to Include When You Build

Certain features and trends have been popular throughout the last several decades. In fact, when you study architecture, you’re likely to see that most eras are defined by very specific features ranging from builtins, which were popular in the 1960s and 70s, to vaulted ceilings, wainscotting, and intricate ceiling moulding that was commonly chosen for Victorian homes. Each era has its own defining trends of popular features and architectural design elements that bring both era recognition and style to a home. When you decide to have your home custom built by professional home builders in the San Antonio area, the sky’s the limit in terms of features and design elements that you wish to include. However, as you start to think through this process and the various features you may wish to include in your home, consider some of the following popular home features that are helping to define current home trends.

Ensuite Master Bathroom for Two

While ensuite master bathrooms have been around for awhile now, current design trends are taking them to a whole new level. With the focus of the ensuite bathroom being on two people, duel sinks and having both a designated tub and shower are becoming more common. Instead of the little tubs you saw in homes during the 1950s and 60s, garden tubs are becoming the norm. In addition, showers are commonly designed with premier tile that also includes insets for your shampoos and ledges to sit on while bathing. Talking to your home builder about the perfect ensuite master bathroom should probably be high on your list of items to focus on.

Dedicated Office Space

With the way people work today, dedicated office spaces are returning in popularity. Having a dedicated office space, instead of a section of a living room or a converted bedroom can be the difference between being able to effectively get work done and succumbing to the chaos that is everyday life. Your dedicated office space can be made your own with beautiful glass French doors, and built-in desk space or book shelf space to fit your personal tastes.

High Ceilings

High ceilings are nothing new to architecture, but they are becoming a more commonly requested item in new residential homes, along with open concept floorplans. There are several ways that home builders can incorporate high ceilings into a new home build. You can have ten-foot ceilings throughout your home. You can have unique, angled ceilings that start at at eight feet and angle up to ten or more feet as they move towards interior walls. You can also have eye-catching insets in specific rooms, such as the kitchen or family room, where a smaller section of the room’s ceiling is raised to provide additional height and space. If you enjoy more classic styles of design, you might also consider adding a designed texture to this raised inset similar to 19th century ceiling designs.

The Kitchen of Your Dreams

While kitchens have always had an important place in the home, they’re quickly becoming the main central point for families all across America. Having a kitchen where you can easily cook and entertain while still being connected to the rest of the house is in high demand. We’re regularly seeing demand for islands or bars that allow for extra counter space and extra eat-in seating. Having two separate ovens is quickly becoming the norm. And sinks that are mounted to the bottom of the counter so they sit flush is a simple must-have. Don’t forget to include lots of beautiful cabinetry and a walk in pantry for easy storage.

The Details

Often, you will think of all the big things that you will be able to do when you have a home builder create a custom home from the ground up, but don’t forget to consider all the little details that you can choose to fit both your tastes and popular trends. These can be some of the most affordable and impactful decisions that you make about your new home.

Foyer Fixture

Many of the floorplans that we enjoy using here at UrbanLUX Builders now include foyers in the design. These entryways can be a great place to make a statement about your home and have a real impact. You can choose a foyer light figure that is classic or one that is exceptionally modern to draw the eye and show that this home is yours.

USB and Recessed Outlets

You would think that outlets aren’t actually a big deal, but when you get to help design your custom home, you’d be surprised how much you can actually do with outlets to make your life just a bit easier. How many times have you gotten a device that doesn’t come with a wall charger adaptor? Having outlets that have USB charging capabilities are a must these days. And have you ever considered all the space you lose behind your couch or dresser because you have a power strip that sticks out of the wall by a couple of inches. Recessed outlets allow you to plug in whatever you may need without losing that extra space. They sit in the wall a couple of inches for your convenience.

Here at UrbanLUX Builders, we work hard to provide you with the home of your dreams in the San Antonio area. Contact us today to learn more about our wide variety of home options and to get started on your home build.

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