Pristine Landscaping Ideas For A Brand New Townhome

One of the biggest perks of a townhome is that it comes with little-to-no yard maintenance. It’s also not like a condo or an apartment where there is no yard, garden, or private space. Townhomes provide the best of both worlds: a small space to call your own without the overload of hours-long maintenance.

UrbanLUX are custom home builders crafting a new townhome community in Boerne, set to open in the spring of 2019. With the home comes a small list of beautiful outdoor features to get the homeowners started on crafting your personal space.

With our townhomes comes these gorgeous exterior features:

  • Sodded front and side yards
  • A beautiful tree
  • A mix of 15 1- and 3-gallon shrubs or plants
  • Hardscaped backyard
  • 6-foot cedar privacy fence, with gate
  • 8-foot by 8-foot deck or concrete patio (depending on home elevation)

From here, homeowners are welcome to take their landscaping to the next level. Whether you want to hire it out to professionals to design and maintain, or if you’re motivated to do it yourself, here are a few suggestions to make this outdoor space a true extension of your luxurious new home.

Landscaping Ideas for a Townhome

Add Potted Plants to Your Deck or Patio

The deck or patio off your townhouse is a great piece of real estate to add additional greenery. If you have a green thumb and like to cook with fresh herbs, then a small herb garden can be a great addition to your deck. Basil, oregano, and rosemary grow easily when contained to a pot. Plus, they taste delicious and are found in so many recipes; you’ll use them often. Hanging plants are another way to liven up a space without making it feel small or cluttered.

Build a Fairy Garden

If you have a crafty side, then a small fairy garden can bring a fun element to your existing landscaping. Often found within a rock or mulch area, a fairy garden is a place where the magical fairies who visit your home can play and rest. Check out different fairy gardens on Pinterest for some inspiration.

Create a Fire Pit Hangout

No matter the time of year, hanging by the fire with family or friends brings great memories. Especially here in Texas Hill Country, a fire is often the central focal point for great conversation or deep thinking. Find a ready-to-use pit at any home department store or build one yourself (we saw an awesome one made from an old washing machine drum). Throw up some folding chairs, camping chairs, or get some permanent furniture, and you’ve got yourself a backyard oasis.

Find Comfortable Patio Seating

It might just be one or two chairs, and it might be a full table and seating arrangement. The right patio furniture should be comfortable and easy to wash so that you find yourself actually using it. When you can feel relaxed and at ease in your backyard, you’ll actually use that space.

Pro tip: Use furniture with white covers. People tend to be afraid of white decor outside, but it’s really the best. You can just bleach it whenever it gets dirty, and it’s back to the white you knew on the first day you bought it. If you don’t plan to use the furniture for a while, invest in some slips to cover it and protect it for longer use.

Use Vertical Space

The cedar fence doesn’t need to stand alone. Use that vertical space to continue to decorate your backyard. We love the idea of potting small cactus plants and attaching them to the fence in a simple pattern. It draws the eyes up the fence, which helps draw the space toward the open sky. This openness helps make small spaces seem larger. The cactus plants don’t take up much more time for maintenance, leaving things looking great without too much effort.

Rely on a Focal Point

Whether it’s that fairy garden, fire pit, patio seating, or something else entirely, the easiest way to streamline your townhouse landscaping is to use one focal point and build from there. It’s easy to get swept away into many different ideas; however, a busy backyard can be overwhelming when you’re limited on space. So, instead, pick one feature and do it well. You can always switch up that feature after a few years to keep things interesting.

String Lights

Sparkling lights can transform a backyard into a cozy oasis. The old-school-looking bulbs now come in energy-efficient LEDs that have a soft glow. These look beautiful when strung from a pergola or canopy of sorts; however, they can still be used well when hung across a few posts too.

Bring in Nature

One way to quickly make your townhouse feel more inviting is to attract wildlife, and birds are an easy place to start. Hummingbirds can be attracted by sugar water, which can be dispensed through a hanging feeder. Additionally, some hanging bird seed feeders can attract different species, including the finch, white-breasted nuthatch, and more. Buying the right bird seed can mean these creatures have the food they want to eat and it won’t go to waste as a mess in your yard. Set up a small bird bath, and you’ll have yourself an afternoon of natural entertainment.

Set Up a Grill Station

It doesn’t take much space to create a spot to grill up your favorite bbq. And we all know it isn’t home in Texas without a place to bbq. A small footprint on your deck or patio can be enough to hold your grill or smoker, and a side table can hold your grilling tools and condiments (and beer) you may need while cooking. Even if you don’t end up setting up patio furniture for a place to eat outside, a grill station can help you cater the most delicious food. The space inside your luxury townhouse will be enough for you to entertain your family, friends, and guests.

These are just a small sampling of townhouse landscaping ideas. With UrbanLUX, your custom home builders behind The Overlook at Boerne, you can have luxury inside and outside of your new home. Enjoy!

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