Should You Make Your Custom Home a Smart Home?

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The reason most people invest in a custom home is because they can make their home exactly how they want it to suit their needs. From adding in a home office facing the east side so you can see the sunrise in the winter to creating a separate mother-in-law suite so family can come and stay, there is no limit to the number of features, floor plans, and additions you can add to your home so that it is comfortable and convenient for you.

UrbanLUX Builders is a home building contractor that creates custom homes in San Antonio. We have amazing communities and the highest quality builds in the area. You can either choose to build your own custom home or purchase a custom home already built to avoid the hassle of having to wait on contractors and the like. Below, we’ll go over the benefits of smart home technology so you can decide if that is a feature you would like to add to your custom home build. Contact us today to get started!


In short, a smart home is a home with many devices, such as linking sensors, that allow you to remotely control and monitor devices. Smart stands for Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology. Smart homes can also automate tasks, such as turning on lights or arming the security system. They also allow you to do tasks you forgot, such as to turn off the coffee maker. In today’s increasingly busy world, smart home technology adds convenience, and any electronic in your home can potentially be connected by IoT, or the Internet of Things (all objects and products that are interconnected through the internet or other digital technology).


Saves You Money

Smart home technology can be applied to items in your home that can save you money. For instance, you can program your thermostat from your phone, which is very useful for when you forgot to turn it down before you left for vacation. You can also connect the lights and appliances, which allows you to control them when you are away as well. No more having to worry if your son left the bathroom light on all day long.

Better Safety and Security

Besides saving you money, UrbanLUX Builders notes that the second reason homeowners love smart homes is because of the added safety and security they provide. You can not only control your security system, but you also can connect lights, cameras, and even doorbells to your phone, which make it safer.

Automates Mindless Tasks

Smart homes allow for odious tasks to be automated, such as vacuum cleaning. Many products, such as Roomba robot vacuum cleaner from iRobot will vacuum for you while you are away. You can purchase smart laundry machines can start a load and a fridge can sense when your milk gets low and orders more so you never run out.

Up the Entertainment Capabilities

Many people love to listen to music while doing odious chores around the home. Connected speakers can now play music, keep you abreast of the news and the football game, or help you choose a movie to watch.

Increases Your Home’s Value

Immediately when you tell people you have a smart home, their faces light up and their eyes brighten. They want to know what exactly your home can do. If you go to sell or rent your home, your home will immediately be worth more.

Offers Peace of Mind

Smart home technology allows you to check on your home throughout the day in order to ensure things are okay. Furthermore, if you do happen to leave the coffee maker on, you can now easily turn it off from your phone, giving you peace of mind instead of worrying about it all day long and rushing home to turn it off.


The custom home business has never been so booming with over 1.3 million new homes began last year. Many people are looking for modern features and the ability to build exactly what they need in a home. Many people are catching on to the convenience a modern smart home offers, and the demand for smart homes is increasing.

UrbanLUX Builders is a home building contractor in the San Antonio area. We offer a wide variety of beautiful homes for you to choose from with great, open floor plans that suit your needs. Whether you’re a newly married couple looking to purchase your first home or you’re a growing family who just needs more space, we can help. Our custom homes can be built to your specifications with the amenities you need. We have partnered with a wide variety of top-notch companies in order to leverage their expertise to build the home of your dreams. Recently, we partnered with Pure Wellness Homes to bring you a home air purification system and a home water purification system to ensure your health and wellness. Our partners are the best in their business and love bringing their expertise to custom homes.

When you partner with UrbanLUX Builders for the best custom homes in San Antonio, you can rest assured you’ll be over-the-top satisfied with not only the quality but also with the details. Our communities are some of the best in the area, including The Overlook at Boerne, The Canyons at Scenic Loop, Monteola, and Woodridge Homes. Contact us today to get started!

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