The Case for Closed Floor Plans

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Open floor plans have been all the rage since the 1990s, with most modern homes being built with open floor plans. Frank Lloyd Wright, an American architect, is largely credited with building upon the open floor plans in the 1880s and popularizing them when he centralized the kitchen instead of having it be at the back of the home where it traditionally had been hidden as a place for servants only. However, while the advantages to open floor plans are immense (from being able to watch the kids while you cook to having a bigger space to entertain without shouting around walls), there are many advantages to closed floor plans that some people miss and are opting for instead of the open floor plan.

UrbanLUX Builders in San Antonio is the best local custom home builder. We offer many amazing homes in some of the best communities in Boerne, Monteola in Bulverde, and in San Antonio, such as The Canyons at Scenic Loop. Most of our homes are designed around open floor plans. However, that being said, since we are a custom home builder, every home can be tailored to your needs and wants. In this blog post, we’ll go over some of the advantages to closed floor plans so then you can choose which one will best suit you and your lifestyle, or which elements you’d want in your custom-built home. Contact us today to learn more!



The biggest disadvantage to open floor plans is that you give up privacy considerations. There’s something to be said for having your own space, even if it’s smaller than what it would be with an open floor plan. Nowadays, there can be many people of a wide range of ages living in a home, from elderly parents to teenagers and younger children. Having your own space can be a lifesaver for parents who just need some peace and quiet after a long day at work, while the kids run around and get their energy out.

Containment Purposes

With open floor plans, it’s a lot easier to come home, drop your stuff on the floor, and walk away. However, this leads to a build up that can quickly become like Shel Silverstein’s infamous character creation “Sarah Sylvia Cynthia Stout” who would not take the garbage out — you quickly have a build-up of clutter that will drive you nuts.

When you have a closed floor plan, it’s a lot easier to keep each room clean because it is a separate area and items won’t build up to the point of no return before you know it like it did with Sarah Sylvia Cynthia Stout. Luckily, there will be no awful fate like there was for her when you have a closed floor plan. You can close the door to your kids’ play room or the “room to dump stuff in” and call it good!

Another advantage to having a closed floor plan is for the kitchen. While many people open up their kitchens, some prefer to have a designated area for food and drink that makes it easier to cook in without having all of the food and drink spread out. Furthermore, having a closed kitchen keeps the food smells contained in the home, which is great for when you are cooking food that a member of your family doesn’t necessarily like. Plus, an enclosed kitchen creates a more formal dining experience, which many people love. 

Noise Containment

If you have an open floor plan, you definitely have a noisier home because there are no walls to absorb any of the sound vibrations from noises made in the home, and there are no barriers to stop the noises either. Thus, many people who like quieter homes are opting for more closed floor plans to keep the noise from the kids (or the fur babies) at bay. Or, if you just want to be able to read a book while the big game is on, a closed floor plan may be more your style.

More Traditional Home Feel

Many people like the idea of a more traditional home feel with lots of rooms that have designated purposes, especially if you grew up in a home that has lots of specialty rooms. If you are one who likes the idea of having a den, an office, a library, an art studio, a guest room, a workout room, and a craft room, then UrbanLUX Builders in San Antonio would recommend you invest in a closed floor plan for your custom built home.


Many people now choose a combination of both open floor plans and closed floor plans and incorporate both elements into their custom home build in San Antonio. You will commonly see a very open floor plan on the main level on the home with a combined kitchen, dining area, and living room with a more closed floor plan on the upper story of the home where the family can have their own spaces. You’ll also see a more closed floor plan in the attic as well, which combines nostalgia with the coziness and comfort of an attic space.

One option to have a more closed off feel in your home is to perhaps cut out a section of the wall but leave part of it in place, like a window perhaps into your kitchen from your living room. This opens up the space but still leaves intact a very defined area.

In general, open floor plans suit younger couples who entertain a lot and people with children, while closed floor plans suit older couples whose kids have left and want more defined areas. However, UrbanLUX Builders in San Antonio reminds you that it’s truly up to you and your needs which floor plan (or a combination of plans) to have. You can start by making a list of the priorities you want in a home, such as your own office because you work from home, or a great room to entertain in and then find a home (or build one) to these specifications.


UrbanLUX Builders has been making custom homes in the San Antonio area for over 20 years. We’ve helped hundreds of families decide which home is right for them, and we can help you, too. Our expert design team will sit down with you and not only go over all of your custom home options, but also discover what you are seeking in a home. Together, we can formulate a floor plan that is perfect for you. Our San Antonio homes offer the best in lifestyle choices. When you partner with us for your custom home build, we communicate with you throughout the entire process, adjusting when we need to and fine-tuning at every step of building your custom home. The quality of our custom home builds is hard to find elsewhere, and we take pride in offering you the best home and the highest customer service imaginable.

UrbanLUX Builders offers you the best communities in the San Antonio area to build your custom home, choosing from just outside the city or close to amenities. You only live one life; make your home just what you’ve always hoped. Contact us today to get started!

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