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Though suburban life has been criticized in the past, there are many benefits to living in this type of area. Anyone who has claimed issues with this style of living, obviously hasn’t experienced or appreciated the comfort suburban life can offer. If you are a young family, living a community can be an incredible benefit to you. Most young families find that living in densely populated areas, such as large cities and metropolitan downtown areas are too crowded to raise their children. If you are looking for a place to be comfortable and settle down, communities are a great living option for you.
At UrbanLux Builders, we offer building services for both already constructed homes, as well as custom homes. With our company, you have control over where you want to live. Not only do you get to browse the listings of houses we have already built, but if they don’t fit exactly what you are looking for, we can help construct a home perfect for you and your family.
Because we offer both services, you will be able to find a home that is perfect for your family. Our housing communities are designed and constructed by our company with the modern family in mind. Our goal is to construct a home that is comfortable for you and will allow you to raise your family in peace, while also enjoying the amenities of nearby San Antonio, TX.


UrbanLux Housing Communities in the Surrounding San Antonio Area

Housing communities have a lot to offer growing families. For one, houses in these types of communities offer a sense of unity and give residents a sense of serenity. In a quiet housing community, families can enjoy the weekends and work and play in their front yards. There is a greater sense of oneness in a housing community, something that a big city can never offer residents. At UrbanLux, we offer our clients quality homes that have been designed with their interests in mind. Every layout has been well thought out and optimized to fit the needs of each owner.

Benefits of Living in A Housing Community

In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of living in a housing community, as well as the benefits of living in a town outside of a big city. We hope that by reading our blog, you will be able to gain a new perspective and increase the radius of your house hunting. Hopefully, by expanding your search to an UrbanLux home, you will find exactly what you are looking for.

More Space

The closer you live to a city, the smaller your living space will be. When you live in a downtown area, your housing is usually restricted to a small apartment or a cramped townhouse. If you are a growing family, living in such tight quarters can be stressful for two reasons. For one, when you live with too many people, in too small of a space, you can easily feel suffocated. Being condensed in your living space can easily take its toll on your psyche and make smaller problems seem much, much bigger. For example, if you have children running chaotically around your living space (as most children do) they can easily run into things, hurt themselves, and erupt into tears. When you feel confined, you are less likely to look at issues rationally, which means one crying, hurt child, in a small space can make you feel like you have more weight on your shoulders as a parent.
Second, when you don’t have enough room to comfortably live your life, your home can feel restrictive and constantly messy. With nowhere to easily store your clothes, kitchen items, and your kid’s toys, your home can make you feel like you live in a layer of your own belongings. And, referring to our example above, when you don’t have enough room to store your stuff, running into things and causing accidents are much more likely to occur.


Housing communities are known for being private, especially when it comes communities who even have their own gate system. If you are tired of living in a space where the general population can be at your front door, a housing community can offer you a sense of peace and privacy. With a house of your own, you can own your own property, free from other people. And, since most communities are constructed outside of large cities, the area is far less crowded and quiet.
In metropolitan areas, the city is loud, dirty, and constantly moving. If you are annoyed by all of the noise of big city living, perhaps a housing community is a little more suited for you. Housing communities are, typically, more favorable to other types of housing because they are so quiet. Outside of city limits, you won’t have to hear nearby subways, buses, cars, or pedestrians. Instead, housing communities get to enjoy the peaceful silence outside of the city and enjoy the sights and sounds of their own families.
This sense of privacy can be a huge benefit, especially if you are generally a person who is more reserved. In the city, what you do or enjoy is shared with everyone. This means that, say, you enjoy playing an instrument, you will have to play and accept that everyone in a block radius will hear you and be slightly annoyed. In a housing community, you can not only have the space to set up your instrument, but place in peace.

Better Price Per Square Foot

In the city, you get amenities that are typically in walking distance from your house. For instance, in downtown areas, you will typically have a mini mart and a few restaurants fairly close by. And, there will typically be a very good bus or train system in place towards the inner city. In terms of money, city dwellers save much more money on transportation that suburban residents. However, though they save on transportation, city dwellers also have to rely on walking to get where they need to go. Not only that, but city residents tend to have to pay more per square foot of their townhouses or apartments. The closer you are to the city (or where all the business and jobs are) the more expensive residences will be. When you live outside of the city limits, housing is far cheaper per square foot. Although houses can be a huge investment initially (the average cost of a house is $279,500), compared to renting an apartment the cost evens out to be a much wiser decision. After all, when you buy a house, you not only own the property, but you have the right to sell the house and regain some of your money back.

Better Neighborhoods Filled with Amenities

Housing communities generally have better amenities than most downtown areas. For instance, downtown you will be closer to sports arenas, restaurants, and businesses, however, you also will be closer to crowded areas, traffic, and crime. In communities, you are in a more secure and secluded area, which means there tends to be more room for amenities you can enjoy. For instance, some communities have pools, parks, and even club houses. And, if they don’t have shared amenities, some of the houses come with their own private pools and spacious backyards. In downtown areas you will not have yards or private pools. Instead, your amenities will tend to be shared with the public.
Since more people are flocking to suburban areas, more businesses are moving closer to suburban areas. And, because property outside city limits is far less expensive, businesses are able to own larger inventory spaces to house more products. This means that superstores are able to open their doors and serve large families that will buy more goods. Those who assume that suburban homes are less desirable because they are farther away, stores are moving closer to communities to accommodate for the masses of people moving to these types of areas. In fact, 85 percent of millennial home buyers purchased a home in a suburban area in 2017.

Parks and Schools

Schools and parks tend to be better in suburban areas because there is the expectation that families will move to these areas. In cities, public parks turn more into housing for the homeless and other people. Because of this, families are less inclined to bring their children to these types of parks. In suburban areas, the parks are specifically designed for children who live in the area. And, because these types of amenities are for children in the neighborhood, your kids will be able to enjoy the park with their friends in the neighborhood. Having a cohesive community can be a huge bonus for your children because it will keep them social and grow their communication skills with children their age. This can help them grow friendships at an early age and befriend future classmates.
Because suburban areas are usually filled with children, school districts will normally build close to these areas. Since many parents want their children to attend a nearby school, many of the kids in housing communities all go to the same schools. By fostering friendships in their neighborhood, your children can make friends with their future classmates which will lower their own anxiety of a new school year.

Why Living Outside of a Big City is a Benefit to You 

We have talked about why living in the “suburbs” can be a huge benefit to your family. Instead of living in the city, you and your family could live in a spacious home that you own. City apartments and townhouses cost much more money in the long run, and, you never really own that property. With a suburban home, you can own the house you live in and raise your family in a comfortable space. Not only can you live in a home that is yours, but you will be able to buy a house that is customized to your needs as a family. UrbanLux Builders, constructs homes with your comfort in mind. Our luxury homes can be perfect for growing families, as well as couples looking to elevate their living standards. Home construction is where our company excels and we can provide a home that you are happy with.Aside from the obvious bonuses of living in a suburban community or a custom home, living in a community outside of major cities has its own benefits. Outside of major cities, residents can enjoy open spaces, nature, and the seclusion of their own neighborhoods. In cities, areas are more densely populated which leads to its own set of problems.

Less Crime

In suburban areas, there is significantly less crime than in major cities. According to, San Antonio is only safer than three percent of U.S cities. The national median for crime is scored at a ‘4’, compared to San Antonio that scores a ‘7.22.’ Due to the fact that crime is so prevalent in the inner city of San Antonio, it makes sense for families to move to the outer towns, such as Boerne and Bulverde. In the smaller towns, crime is not as common, which means that your family is safer from threats, such as theft or assault. Being able to raise your children in a safer, more controlled community may be the best choice for them, especially if it means that they won’t be the victim of a crime or be involved in the crimes themselves. More crimes occur closer to the cities, especially where there are more people. However, many people call San Antonio home — approximately 1.4 million people). Despite the crime rate, the area is still a great place to live in and raise a family. The neighboring towns and cities outside of the cities center are far safer and are able to provide a comfortable place for you to raise your family.

UrbanLux Builders

If you are interested in building or buying a home in the surrounding San Antonio area, UrbanLux can help you. We have plenty of communities and listing for you to peruse. If you would like to see one of our homes or learn more about our business, contact us today.

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