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Security Measures for Your Custom Home with UrbanLux Builders

Apartments Versus Homes: Which Are Safer? According to the FBI, burglary is the most common threat American homes have to face. That being said, there are over 3 million burglaries that happen each year. Even more daunting, in 1 million of those burglaries, there was a household member present. Because burglaries are so common, it… read more

Improving the Lighting of Your Custom Home

Improving the Lighting in Your Home Lighting in your home is much more than just a decorative element. How you light up your home can play a huge role in your mood, as well as the illusion of your home. For instance, different types of lighting offer alternate ranges of illumination and illusion. More light… read more

Benefits to Living in Housing Communities

Find A House Listing for Your Family Though suburban life has been criticized in the past, there are many benefits to living in this type of area. Anyone who has claimed issues with this style of living, obviously hasn’t experienced or appreciated the comfort suburban life can offer. If you are a young family, living… read more