Benefits Of Buying A Brand New Home

So you’ve been looking for your next home. If you’ve been looking around San Antonio, you know that there is no shortage of homes on the market. While there are plenty of homes that might seem fine enough to you, you probably have yet to find the one house that speaks to your needs and really feels like home. In the case that this is something you’ve been struggling with, it might be time to consider a custom built home.

Not only are custom built homes fantastic in the sense that they are designed specifically with your needs in mind, but they are entirely new homes! If you’ve never had the chance to live in a brand new home, you’re missing out. Keep reading for just a few of the reasons that living in a brand new home is one of the best things you’ll do.

Updated Floor Plans

Aside from the fact that any custom built home is going to have a floor plan that you know suits your needs, new homes are going to have updated floor plans incorporated into the design. While many rooms were a desire of the past, that is not the case today. A majority of homeowners want to have an open floor plan that allows for them to see the entirety of their home regardless of where they’re standing.

When you start to look at older homes, the lack of modern floor plans can quickly make them feel dated. More importantly, having dated floor plans that don’t speak to the design that you’re looking for is going to turn you away from a home. So, rather than search for something you’re not going to find, choose a new plan that will have this concept incorporated into the design.

Energy Efficiency

Though energy efficiency has become a more significant focus for homes that are being built today, there are many ways that a new home is going to provide you with higher levels of energy efficiency. For starters, one of the main reasons that a house lacks energy efficiency is because the materials used to build the home become old and start to release energy. Whether it’s the roof, siding, or the windows, when a house gets older, all of these factors start to contribute to energy efficiency.

By purchasing a new home, you are going to be moving into a home that has new materials used throughout. That means that you are not going to have to worry about whether or not there are leaks by your windows or cracks in your siding. Everything is new!

Another way that you’ll be able to notice energy efficiency is in your bills. By having materials that are functioning as they need to, your HVAC system isn’t having to do nearly as much work, saving you money in the long run. Seriously, the quality and condition of materials used to construct a home make a significant difference in the efficiency of a house.

Less Work

If your weekends have been loaded with weekend projects fixing up parts of your house or updating specific things, you know just how quickly this can become exhausting. Not only is having to continually work on your home exhausting, but it’s also expensive! When you have the chance to move into a new home, gone are the days of always having to dedicate your weekends to a project.

Not only are new homes going to provide you with fewer projects for the simple fact that they are newer and offer less repairs and immediate maintenance, but, if you choose to invest in a custom home, you’re also less likely to make substantial changes to the house. A majority of the time, when people are living in a home that isn’t designed the way they like, they take on these projects to make steps towards getting it to that envisioned dream house. By designing a home with your needs in mind from the very start, you can eliminate these fixer-upper projects entirely.

Endless Upgrades

Every year advances are being made in the various components that go into building a home. Whether it’s a new furnace that was just released, eco-friendly appliances, energy efficient building materials, or the like, these aren’t things that you’ll be able to enjoy in an older home. At least, not without having to spend a pretty penny.

In the case that you have yet to indulge in the updated fixtures, features, materials, and appliances, you absolutely need to. It’s incredible how far we’ve come in such a short span of time and how much it can change your day-to-day life.

Opportunity to Customize

While not all new homes come with the opportunity to customize, if you are going to be purchasing a lot and building from the ground up, why not customize it to your needs? Being able to choose the layout that works best for you, the materials incorporated throughout the house, the details added to your home, and the like, is an opportunity that few people are granted. It’s also an opportunity that won’t come around when you’re purchasing a new home.

If you’re interested in learning more about the option of custom builds, you’ve come to the right place. UrbanLUX Builders has plenty of experience with custom builds and would be more than happy to help you build your dream house.

Work With UrbanLUX Builders

Now that you know just a few of the perks to living in a new house, it’s time to talk to the team at UrbanLUX Builders. We have been more than fortunate to provide countless individuals with the home of their dreams, right here in Boerne.

If you’re interested in learning more about the different services that we offer, browsing the current listings that are available, or inquiring more about the custom home building process, reach out to our team. We are happy to help you determine which option might be the best fit for you.

Make sure to check out our gallery and our blog for additional information on purchasing a new, custom home built by UrbanLUX Builders.

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