Tips For Choosing The Right Interior Paint Color, Part II

Choosing to have a custom home built, although a great choice, will come with a handful of decisions for homeowners to consider — choosing the right custom home construction company, deciding on a budget, choosing a property for the home to be built on, to name a few. In general, custom home building processes can… read more

Tips For Choosing The Right Interior Paint Color

When someone makes the choice to purchase a custom home, there will be plenty of decisions coming their way. Choices like choosing a builder, choosing a designer, and choosing the right property, can make the custom home process overwhelming at times. Luckily, when you partner with housing contractors like UrbanLux, premier building contractors in San… read more

15 Ways to Save Money for Your Custom Home Construction: Part 1

How to Save Money? Saving money is no easy task. Too often you can get distracted by something you want or you think that you want. Because money can be spent as fast as it is earned, it makes it difficult to monitor your accounts. Specifically, it is difficult to budget out funds and stick… read more

15 Ways to Save Money for Your Custom Home Construction: Part 2

Saving Money for Home Construction…Continued As we have discussed in our first part of this blog series, saving money for a custom home building project can be difficult. Saving money can be an especially challenging task, particularly when you have other expenses getting in your way. In our first portion of the series, we discussed… read more

The Dangers of Fine Homebuilding

Though building a home can seem as easy as screwing a few pieces of wood together, there is actually a lot more to the construction process than you would think. For one, machinery and construction equipment can be dangerous if you are not careful. That is why, if you are an amateur builder, to save… read more

10 Layout Mistakes When Building a Home Part 2

10 Layout Mistakes When Building a Home Welcome back! We will continue our list of 10 mistakes you can make when building a home. We have listed these mistakes, specifically because we know that they are the most common. If you are interested in building a home that is built correctly, the first time, you… read more

The Housing Market in San Antonio

The Home Construction Market in San Antonio In just the last ten years, the United States has seen a steady population growth. Each year, our population grows by about 3 million people. Though this growth can be seen as gradual on a graph, the growth is significant, as 3 million more people will be looking… read more