All The Different Roles Your Builder Plays

When you opt to work with a custom home builder for your new dream home, there are a many different ways you can approach your home project. You can opt to buy land and hire a custom home agency which will have all the different individuals available to help with every aspect of your project. You can hire an architect. You could work with a builder who already has master planned communities in the works to customize your perfect home. The options are virtually endless in order to reach your final goal of a beautiful home that will last you for years.

If you opt to work with a home builder on your custom home, there is one question that will say a lot about your choice: Do you also act as the general contractor on my project? If your home builder also helps to provide you with project management and general contractor services, then you’re going to be in good hands. But your home builder is so much more than just a general contractor or project manager. In fact, your custom home builder is going to be wearing many hats during your home building process in order to help you get through this sometimes stressful process. Here are a few hats your builder may be wearing as they work with you on your dream home.

Financial Advisor

As you get started on your home project, it’s very easy to forget about all the expenses that can rack up. You may have grand ideas for your home, but can your pocketbook afford them? Often your builder has to be your realist and your financial advisor in order to keep your dream home on budget. Your home builder is also there to help when hiccups come up. Not only is your builder in charge of notifying you, but they also will help advise you on how to adjust your expenses to compensate in an appropriate manner. Your builder’s goal is to help build your home while still keeping the ticket price in the expected range.


There may be some stressful moments during your home’s construction. While they should always be manageable, when money, deadlines, and emotions are invested, it can be awfully hard to keep your cool. While your builder may not consider themselves a therapist, one of the many hats that your builder will wear is just that. When problems arise, your builder is there to calm you and help you navigate any tricky situations. They will guide you to a solution and help to calm emotions and quell fears whenever necessary.


Okay, your builder may not be an interior designer, in fact you may hire one separately, however, there are many aspects of a builder’s job that do have something to do with design. It’s their job to help you pick many of the interior embellishments and construction choices which all add up to your home’s overall design and aesthetic. If you’re choosing tile, counter tops, or paint colors, your builder can help to guide you towards pleasing choices that compliment one another without bringing in a designer right away.

Real Estate Advisor

If you come to a builder ready to start in on your custom home, but don’t have your floorplan or location picked out quite yet, your builder will often act as a real estate advisor as well. Your builder can help you find an optimal location for your custom home and they can help you come up with a general floorplan that will have excellent resale value, if you ever opt to move. The decisions you make about your home are intended to be for you in the long run, but any real estate purchase is still an investment and should be treated as such so you can get the most for you money. Making smart real estate choices with the help of your builder is one way to make your investment financially worthwhile.


If you’ve ever tried to work with a contractor, you may have found yourself a little flustered with the terminology or managing that relationship in general. It can be difficult, especially when you feel like you’ve put so much on the line. Your builder is there to be your mediator and go-between when necessary in order to create a beautiful final product. Because your builder knows the ins and outs of the industry and the home construction process, it’s easier for them to manage these relationships than if you try and do it yourself.


Lastly, every now and again, your home builder actually gets to grab a tool belt and jump in to build. There are plenty of people who will be working on your home that your builder regularly plays more of a project management role, but never forget that your builder got into the business because they love to see custom homes completed beautifully and even get their hands dirty doing it!

Your new home is not only important to you, but also important to your builder. The home’s success depends on the many hats that your builder will wear over the course of the project. When you’re looking for custom homes in the San Antonio area, turn to UrbanLUX builders for a variety of custom home options. Call us today for more information and to find out more about the different options we can offer you!

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