Extra Features to Put In a Custom Home Part 2

Extra Features To Include in Your Custom Home

In our previous blog, we discussed some of the aspects new homeowners find attractive in a custom home. When it comes to any home purchase, you want to make sure that the features you want are included in your home. Of course, with market homes, it can be a hit or miss whether homes actually have what you want. With custom homes, there is no question that it will have what you are looking for. Custom homes are made suited to your wants and needs. As custom builders with over 20 years of experience, we know a thing or two about custom homes and what homeowners like to see. This blog is a continuation of the features that repeatedly have been asked for by our clients.

Wine Cellar

No matter if you are a fine wine connoisseur or just a loyal wine-lover, a private cellar can be a great way to improve your living space. A wine cellar adds aesthetic value to your home, aside from also being extremely useful for storing your wine. Wine cellars can also be used for storing other bottles of liquor, such as champagne, beer, and sake bottles. The space can also double as a storage space for any other items as well. So, say you like to entertain guests, a wine cellar is the perfect addition to any home that wants to stock their party with (cough) essential items.

Office Space

Whether you can work at home or not, having an office space can be a huge benefit to you. For instance, working home can be made easy and simple by adding a desk space to freely work. Aside from work-related activities, having an office space can also be useful for moments when you want some peace and quiet. Office spaces can double as a solitary lounge where you can listen to music, read, or browse the internet. Offices also give you an area to focus on important things in your life. For instance, if you have a formal desk and chair, you will be more motivated to attend to your important business, such as finances and bills — not that you need an office space to do any of these things. Yet, it cannot be denied that an office space does add a little something to the layout of your home.

Play Room

Every parent knows that infuriating moment when you step on one of your child’s toys. Not only is the toy almost always pointy, but the sensation is both alarming and painful. One excellent way to stop yourself from stepping on your children’s toys is by designating a certain area entirely to their toys. Of course, another way to keep toys out from under your foot is by telling your kids to clean up after themselves, but we digress. Having an area designed to store your children’s toys is an excellent way to keep every other room in your house clear of any Legos, Barbies, or action figures.

Spacious Backyard

One feature that is repeatedly asked for by custom homeowners is a spacious backyard. Having a large property, in general, will allow you to utilize the space for multiple activities and features. For example, San Antonio has wonderful weather in the summertime. While the weather is warm, you and your family have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and the sunshine. Having a large backyard will give you and your family the chance to play in your backyard freely. Most families will consider building an outdoor playset or creating a sandbox. Both of these features are great for entertaining children and will keep them active during the summer. If you do not have children, we suggest using your backyard as an oasis. Take advantage of your large backyard and landscape your space. By doing so you can create a garden, a deck, and even a lounge area. All of these added features will amplify the value of your home as well as your quality of life.


At UrbanLux, we are dedicated to building homes that owners are proud to live in. With custom homes, you are able to create your own home as you would like it. That being said, if you want a home with your specific preferences, contact UrbanLux Home Builders today.

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