How to Optimize Each Room in Your Custom Home

In past blogs, we’ve discussed topics such as the pros and cons of open home layouts versus closed layouts, trends to include in your custom-built home, and the benefits of different renovations. No matter your home layout, square footage, or personal style, there are certain ways you can maximize the functionality and enjoyability of your custom home from UrbanLUX Builders in the San Antonio area. In this guide, we will discuss the top ways you can maximize the function and feel of each room in your custom-built home. 

The Kitchen

There are several features that you can incorporate into your kitchen design that increase functionality without compromising on style. One way to optimize your kitchen is to include an island as we do in our Overlook at Boerne townhomes. An island is a great way to maximize your workspace as well as create extra storage. Pairing your island with luxurious granite countertops blends function and design perfectly. 

A kitchen layout that opens into the living space is also a great way to make your kitchen feel bigger. With an open view of the family or dining room, an open layout kitchen is perfect for hosting. You can prepare meals without feeling left out of the action. 

The Dining Room

Even if your home is in an open layout, having a separate space for dining adds a lot of value to your home. This space can be made more formal for guests or just provide a place for the family to gather for meals. Having a separate dining space helps to create some structure in your open layout floorplan so that the ground floor doesn’t just feel like one huge room.  

Living Spaces

The living spaces in your house are crucial to making your house feel like a home. Living rooms or family rooms are a great place for family gatherings, watching tv, or unwinding after the day. Extra rooms like offices or loft spaces also allow you to separate your space by activity. For example, the Elm floorplan from our Overlook at the Boerne community includes both an office and a loft. Whether you dedicate a space to become an office, a craft room, a storage space, or an extra family room, defining each of your living areas allows you to take advantage of each space. 


With custom-built homes, it is becoming increasingly popular to have multiple bedrooms on the top floor and the master bedroom on the ground floor. Not only can this help create separation between your space and the kids, but it is also a great way to plan for the future. When building a custom home, it makes sense to plan on living there for many years to come. With a master bedroom on the ground floor, you can plan on “aging in place” and still enjoy your home even if the stairs become difficult to navigate. 


No matter the number of bathrooms you have, it is important to optimize these spaces. The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the home, so it makes sense that it would need to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. In this space, you will want to maximize storage, energy efficiency, and comfortability. Cultivating a luxurious feeling in your bathroom space not only makes it enjoyable for you but can also increase your resale value if you ever choose to move. Luxurious and functional features that you can incorporate into this space include granite countertops, shaver height counters, framed vanity mirrors, and a mud-set master shower. 

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